All hell is breaking loose over what one Republican Senator accused Joe Biden of doing in Ukraine

Photo by Tommy Tuberville, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr,

Joe Biden promised Ukrainian President Zelensky that the United States would support his war against Russia for “as long as it takes.”

But Americans have had enough of sending billions of dollars to foreign governments while refusing to secure our own southern border.

And now all hell is breaking loose over what one Republican Senator accused Joe Biden of doing in Ukraine.

Joe Biden is begging Congress for $106 billion in a combined spending package to fund the war in Ukraine and in Israel.

Biden met with new House Speaker Mike Johnson on Thursday to make his case for the massive spending package.

But one Republican Senator is sounding the alarm on why Joe Biden is desperate to keep the war in Ukraine going for as long as possible.

During an interview Thursday on radio’s FM Talk 106.5 out of Mobile, Alabama, Tommy Tuberville pointed out that Joe Biden prevented Ukraine from entering into an agreement with Russia at the very beginning of the conflict that would have prevented the war.

He noted that he had “not voted for one dime” for “the Ukraine war.”

“Whether I’m right or wrong, but I’ve looked at this — this could have been stopped in three months, this Ukraine-Russia war,” Tuberville said. “Most people don’t know this, you can read about it, but three months after the war started, Zelensky wanted it stopped, and he made a deal with Putin to stop this, give him so much land,” Tuberville said. “The United States, Joe Biden’s White House and Boris Johnson went over there, talked him out and told him, ‘you’re not going to stop this war.’”

The Alabama Senator then revealed how Joe Biden “needed this war” to hide his corruption in Ukraine.

“I spent last night with Congressman Comer, who is doing the investigation on the Biden crime family, and you should see the information they’ve got, they are totally corrupt in what they’ve done,” Tuberville said. “They needed this deflection in Ukraine to get the eye off him in the White House.”

He explained how the war in Israel upended Biden’s efforts to hide his corruption in Ukraine and “now they’ve got themselves in a bind because we’re so stretched.”

According to the Senator, hundreds of thousands of people have died in war to hide Biden’s “criminal problems.”

“Of course, if you’ve got problems, especially if you’ve got criminal problems like Joe Biden has got, which eventually they’ll pay the price for,” Tuberville said. “You’ve got to get everybody’s mind off of that and get something else going,” he continued. “They did, and they’ve kept it going.”

But one of the scariest warnings was Tuberville admitting that the military may not be that capable of a fighting force due to the woke Left ideology.

“I don’t know if we could fight one war with what they’ve done to our military, we’ve got some great military people, but they’ve run thousands out because of a vaccine mandate,” Tuberville said. “The woke things they’re teaching in the military are god-awful, and I don’t know if we can fight one war, much less three at one time.”

Joe Biden’s Presidency has the country in a mess on all fronts.

And Senator Tuberville is warning that Joe Biden may be willing to start World War III to keep his criminal actions out of the spotlight.

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