All hell is breaking loose over the two words Joe Rogan used to describe Democrat voters

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The Joe Rogan Experience is the most popular podcast in the world.

Liberal comedian Joe Rogan is not afraid to push the envelope and discuss issues that many others try to avoid.

But all hell is breaking loose over the two words Joe Rogan used to describe Democrat voters.

Standup comedian Bridget Phetasy recently appeared as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience.

During the interview, Phetasy and Rogan discussed the lunacy of the radical Left.

Phetasy pointed out how the Left now calls anyone who advocates a healthy diet and proper exercise a member of the right-wing.

“Aren’t they connecting being healthy to the far-right now?” Phetasy asked Rogan.  “I’ve seen so many articles that are like ‘oh the far-Right obsession with being in shape,’ like it’s a bad thing somehow.”

Rogan, who is known for speaking his mind, set off a frenzy on the Left when he referred to Democrat voters as “fat” and “lazy.”

“There’s a giant percentage of our population that is really lazy and fat, and if you want those people on your team you have to say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with being lazy and fat, in fact; not being lazy and fat is actually connected to misogyny, racism, and fascism, and the far-Right’ – so people are like, ‘Great, let’s just eat donuts and just f–king vote Blue,” Rogan said.

Being a comedian, Phetasy told Rogan “that’s why I always joke that America is too fat for a civil war.”

But Rogan then decided to elaborate on what he meant by “lazy” Democrats.

“Well, who is pushing for universal basic income?” Rogan said. “Who is pushing for redistribution of wealth?,” he continued, before adding “that’s all the people on the Left.”

This is not the first time Joe Rogan ruffled feathers on the Left by discussing their unhealthy lifestyle choices.

In December, he ripped “fat professors” and said “f**k off fat professors, f**k off, you guys are unhealthy, it’s not in any way good.” 

Rogan was referring to a report from the University of British Columbia calling for the removal of nutritional information from menus because putting the number of calories can be “triggering” for some students.

Of course, the Left has long been trying to get Joe Rogan taken off the air.

But Rogan’s podcast is the most popular show in the world.

And the executives at Spotify have so far refused to bend and continue to allow Rogan to speak his mind when interviewing guests on the show.

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