All hell is breaking loose after Biden considered this potential move for Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris thought she was on easy street to becoming President after being gifted the Vice Presidency.

Now her life is a constant headache with everything going wrong in the Biden-Harris administration.

But all hell is breaking loose after Biden considered this potential move for Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris came into her reign as Vice President looking like she was next in line for Democrats.

Biden referred to the regime as the “Biden-Harris administration” and he gave her a high profile role.

But things have gone spectacularly wrong for her as the blunders piled up.

She botched her job of solving the border crisis, fumbling around looking for “root causes” and skipping visiting the border.

Her poll numbers sank to a record low for any modern Vice President and even lower than Biden’s feeble numbers.

Now with his regime in total collapse, it appears Biden is looking for a way to cut bait with her.

According to the Daily Mail, Biden is rumored to be considering appointing Harris, the former California Attorney General, to the Supreme Court with the next vacancy.

Currently the Court has no vacancies, but it’s widely expected that liberal Justice Stephen Breyer could step down next summer before Democrats would lose control of the Senate in the 2022 elections.

Biden had previously promised to appoint a black woman to his first Supreme Court vacancy.

It would give Harris a golden parachute into a lifetime job and a way for Biden to dump her.

But this would be a breathtaking fall from political grace for someone who was touted as a top Presidential contender going in the last Democrat primary.

And it’s just the latest sign of trouble between Joe and Kamala.

Reportedly she’s been unhappy with role as Vice President and feels the White House hasn’t done enough to defend her.

The number of joint appearances between the duo have gone down since taking office and Kamala has had less of a public role in recent months.

Whatever happens with Kamala’s future, it’s clear that the Democrats no longer have a front-runner if Biden doesn’t run in 2024.

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