All hell broke loose when Dr. Phil hit Whoopi Goldberg with three brutal words of truth

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Phil McGraw is known for his self-titled hit show Dr. Phil.

McGraw stayed clear of politics and instead offered professional advice to guests on his show.

But all hell broke loose when Dr. Phil hit Whoopi Goldberg with three brutal words of truth.

Dr. Phil’s new book

Dr. Phil debuted on September 16, 2002 and concluded last year on May 25, 2023.

After more than 20 years on the air, Dr. McGraw did not walk away from the public spotlight when his show ended.

McGraw just published a book titled We’ve Got Issues: How You Can Stand Strong for America’s Soul and Sanity.

“In We’ve Got Issues: How You Can Stand Strong for America’s Soul and Sanity, Dr. Phil employs his signature no-nonsense approach to analyze America’s cultural crisis and offers practical, empirically based, action-oriented strategies to restore and support our country’s collective mental health,” the publisher wrote about the book on Amazon.

“This compelling work combines a brutally honest look at the sustained attack on the core values that have defined America at its best and offers prescriptive guidance on what you can do in your own life to stop the madness,” the publisher continued. “With his ten working principles for a healthy society, Dr. Phil provides the tools for mainstream America to fight back against the forces of division with sensible and urgently needed advice supported by the latest social, medical, and psychological findings.”

Dr. McGraw has been making the rounds in the media in order to promote the release of his book.

Dr. Phil rocks The View’s left-wing co-hosts

On Monday, McGraw appeared on ABC’s The View to promote his book with the co-hosts of the show.

And McGraw dropped a brutal truth bomb on left-wing co-hosts Whoppi Goldberg and Sonny Hostin that caught everyone by surprise.

“My understanding is you went to the southern border and you say you’re going to give people facts,” co-host Sunny Hostin asked McGraw. “What did you take away from that experience and what kind of reporting are you going to be bringing back?”

“I’ll tell you a fact I took away,” McGraw replied. “I talked to the head of all the border guards down there – the head of the union,” he continued, before adding that “I asked him straight up: ‘Kids are coming across the border with phone numbers written on them and addresses — do we check those out?’ He said ‘We call them.’ ‘Is it possible we’re sending them into known prostitution rings or sweatshops?’ He said ‘It’s not possible — it is absolute.’ We are using American tax dollars to ship children into known prostitution and sweatshops.”

But McGraw was not done firing truth bombs to The View’s audience.

He also ripped Anthony Fauci’s decision to close down schools during the pandemic.

During an argument with Goldberg and Hostin about the negative impact of the shutdowns on children, McGraw corrected one left-wing lie about COVID.

“We were trying to save kids’ lives,” Goldberg yelled at McGraw. “Remember, we know a lot of folks who died during this.”

But before she could finish her sentence, McGraw interjected with “not school children” and then informed her that kids were the “least vulnerable group.”

“They were the least vulnerable group,” he said, before adding “and they suffered, and will suffer more from the mismanagement of Covid than they will from the exposure to Covid, and that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.”

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