All hell broke loose on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death

BLM and Antifa radicals have no issue with using violence.

They’ll do anything to get what they want.

And all hell broke loose on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

Black Lives Matter’s “peaceful protestors” and Antifa terrorists spent the last year destroying city after city in protest of “systemic racism.”

Their reign of terror destroyed billions of dollars’ worth of property, ruined the lives of countless Americans, and killed dozens of people.

Forget the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to back up their claim that black men are routinely hunted down and killed by racist police officers across the nation.

The anniversary of George Floyd’s death just recently passed, and with it came a fresh round of violence and unrest. 

The violence was especially felt in Portland, Oregon, where riots have ravaged the downtown of the city.

Unfortunately for the police and citizens of Portland, the city has always placated the mob. 

Like when they banned the police use of tear gas out of concern for the health of violent rioters and terrorists. 

And 200 masked rioters clad in black and gas masks just recently took to the streets to show their violent agenda. 

The Portland Police Bureau reported that the rioters tried to light the county’s Justice Center on fire using flaming dumpsters while “people chanted to burn the building down.”

“People threw frozen water bottles, glass bottles, eggs and metal spikes at officers and fired mortar-style fireworks at officers,” the bureau said. 

They even threw metal spikes in the streets to prevent firefighters from putting out their fires.

Businesses were torn down and looted, and even City Hall had its windows smashed.

At the end of it, only five people were arrested. 

All of this comes just days after Biden withdrew federal troops who were deployed in the city to keep the peace.

One thing is certain, Biden is more interested in pleasing his radical base than the safety of everyday Americans.

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