All hell broke loose after this report on the border came out

America’s southern border is in shambles.

It’s all because of Joe Biden’s policies.

And all hell broke loose after this report on the border came out.

Joe Biden has been hard at work to dismantle all of the progress Donald Trump made at securing the border.

His policies have caused a crisis where tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring into the US in hopes of amnesty.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are clamoring for the opportunity to give citizenship out like candy to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants, so they can have millions of new voters.

And a report just came out that the border patrol is so overwhelmed with the influx of illegal immigrants that they have released more than 61,000 of them into the United States since Biden was inaugurated.

This is in stark contrast to the 18 people released by border patrol agents in Trump’s last full month in office. 

And that’s not even the worst part.

Usually, illegal immigrants who are held and released are issued notices to appear in court for their crime. 

But as the Washington Examiner reports:

Border Patrol agents are “overwhelmed” and “don’t have the time” to issue immigrants notices to appear. Headquarters in Washington approved they’re using prosecutorial discretion to release tens of thousands of people on their own recognizance. Agents are giving immigrants papers that tell them to “contact the local ICE [Enforcement and Removal Operations] office once you arrive at your final destination.”

If that wasn’t enough, red states are now reporting late-night flights carrying migrants arriving in their states.

There’s no point in filling blue states with potential future voters since it’s already a Democrat stronghold.

Instead, Joe Biden and his progressive pals are trying to steal future elections by flooding the states around the nation that oppose their radical agenda. 

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