All hell broke loose after a Washington Post columnist wrote these four words about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s businesses

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Joe Biden has always been able to depend on the left-wing media to run cover for him and his son Hunter.

But that may no longer be the case.

And all hell broke loose after a Washington Post columnist wrote these four words about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s businesses.

The media spent the past six years helping the Democrat Party wage witch hunt after witch hunt against Donald Trump.

During the 2020 election, the media ignored the bombshell story in the Washington Examiner about Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

Even though the laptop belonged to Hunter, the media colluded with Deep State agents and Big Tech titans to spin the story as Russian propaganda designed to help Donald Trump win reelection.

From the Russian-collusion hoax to the Ukraine impeachment sham to the false narrative about January 6, the left-wing media went above and beyond to help the Democrat Party.

After Joe Biden’s victory in 2020, the left-wing media switched gears and began helping Democrats push their left-wing agenda on the country.

But the biggest role played by the media was pushing out Joe Biden’s false narrative that he played no role in Hunter’s allegedly legitimate business dealings.

However, running cover for Joe and Hunter soon became a near-impossible task after Republicans took the House and the investigation process.

Several whistleblowers have come forward claiming to have proof that Hunter Biden traded his father’s influence for cash during his time as Obama’s Vice President.

Not only that, but FBI documents and bank reports also show the Biden family received millions of dollars from the Communist Chinese, Ukraine, and Russia.

The evidence is so overwhelming that Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen has “changed” his mind on Joe and Hunter’s business dealings.

“I have long dismissed the Hunter Biden story as an irrelevant sideshow, but recent revelations have changed my mind,” Olsen wrote. “There’s more than enough evidence to merit a thorough investigation of President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings.”

Olsen pointed to the “millions of dollars” Hunter received “from Chinese and Ukrainian businesses for which he could offer little to no prior experience” other than “his relationship with his father.”

But what really changed his mind was Devon Archer’s testimony that Joe Biden called in more than 20 times to Hunter’s business meetings in order to help sell the “Biden brand” to foreigners.

Olsen also noted the email showing Biden used fake names to receive digital communication from Hunter about business with Ukraine as well as how Hunter said to hold 10 percent for “the big guy.”

“We hear a lot these days about the rule of law and the importance of applying it evenhandedly regardless of a person’s political power,” he wrote. “The same logic, though, should apply to Hunter and Joe Biden.”

Olsen closed by stating that “only a methodical investigation of the Bidens can conclusively determine which side of that equation their activities fall.”

The media is beginning to turn on Joe Biden.

And this could be the first of a long string of “changed” minds about Hunter and Joe Biden’s foreign business dealings.

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