Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was spitting nails when firefighters issued this dire warning

The hysteria over climate change is escalating.

Leftists are arrogant enough to believe they can stop the planet from exploding by passing a carbon tax.

But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was spitting nails when firefighters issued this dire warning.

Climate change zealots believe there is only a decade left to save the planet from irreparable damage.

And they believe one of the solutions is phasing out entirely gas-powered cars and going fully electric.

But they refuse to acknowledge the issues posed by electric vehicles.

Now firemen are warning people to beware of batteries catching fire numerous times.

Chief Palmer Buck of The Woodlands Township Fire Department in Houston compared EV fires to “a trick birthday candle.”

NBC News reported that “when firefighters responded to a 911 call at around 9:30 p.m., they came upon a Tesla Model S that had crashed, killing two people, and was now on fire. They extinguished it, but then a small flare shot out of the bottom of the charred hulk. Firefighters quickly put out those flames. Not long after, the car reignited for a third time. ‘What the heck? How do we make this stop?’ Buck asked his team. They quickly consulted Tesla’s first responder guide and realized that it would take far more personnel and water than they could have imagined. Eight firefighters ultimately spent seven hours putting out the fire. They also used up 28,000 gallons of water — an amount the department normally uses in a month. That same volume of water serves an average American home for nearly two years.”

So the car caught fire three times and required 28,000 gallons of water to extinguish.

On top of these “trick birthday candles,” electric vehicles are more expensive, do not have widespread infrastructure, and mining for the batteries is ironically bad for the environment.

NBC News added that “a typical fire involving an internal combustion car can often be quickly put out with approximately 300 gallons of water, well within the capacity of a single fire engine. As the popularity of electric vehicles grows, firefighters nationwide are realizing that they are not fully equipped to deal with them. So they have been banding together, largely informally, to share information to help one another out.”

The environmentalist Left is not being honest about real solutions to mitigate the effects of a warming climate.

They envision a world of net zero carbon at the snap of a finger, which is truly insane.

Technology hasn’t kept pace with their socialist green dreams and forcing those dreams into reality is coming at a steep price.

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