Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was fuming after the media gave her this devastating reality check

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thought she was on the verge of a breakthrough victory.

But one socialist scheme crumbled before her eyes. 

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was fuming after the media gave her this devastating reality check.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is the leading environmental extremist in the Democrat Party. 

The socialist Congresswoman believes that life on earth is going to end in the next 10 years because of climate change.

Her top political priority is the Green New Deal, which would outlaw the use of fossil fuels to force so-called “green energy” on the country to allegedly save the planet.

In reality, the Green New Deal is a Trojan Horse to bring European-style socialism to the U.S. and massively expand the government’s control of people’s everyday lives. 

Ocasio-Cortez wants every driver to be forced to use an electric vehicle (EV) because of the pollution caused by gasoline-powered engines.

The Congresswoman, a Tesla owner, routinely touts the environmental benefits of EVs.

But The Washington Post poured cold water on her green fantasies in a shocking editorial revealing the truth about EVs.

Despite the frequent claims of EVs being good for the environment, The Post revealed that many EVs are worse polluters than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Electric trucks and SUVs, with their massive weight, require more energy to power them than a full-size gasoline powered car.

The massive 9,000 lb. GMC Hummer EV is powered by an electric battery that weighs 3,000 lbs., which is almost the same weight as a Honda Civic.

The electric Ford F-150 Lightning weighs 6,000 lbs. nearly 2,000 lbs. heavier than a comparable gasoline powered version.

It takes an enormous amount of energy to power these hefty EVs and most of it is coming from electricity that’s been generated by fossil fuels.

60% of the electricity produced in the U.S. is generated by burning fossil fuels.

Research from Quartz revealed that the Hummer EV produces nearly 50 more grams per mile of carbon emissions than a BMW 3 sedan and a Toyota RAV4 SUV, and nearly 70 grams more than the compact Toyota Corolla.

The Hummer EV is worse for the environment that Ocasio-Cortez claims to care about than a conventional gasoline-powered car.

Automakers are increasingly producing electric trucks and SUVs to match consumer demand and misguided government regulations.

Eight of the ten best selling vehicles in America are trucks and SUVs, so automakers are making EVs that follow suit.

The public doesn’t want to buy any of the tiny, cramped electric cars that defined the EV market for years.

The increased emissions are just the beginning of the environmental problems with EVs.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) found their hulking electric batteries are rarely recycled and their toxic chemicals often end up in landfills.

To produce EV batteries, an enormous amount of cobalt and lithium is required from mining which releases sulfur and carbon into the air.

Cobalt mining can pollute the area around the mine for up to 100 years.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s electric vehicle push is backfiring on her in spectacular fashion.

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