Adidas went woke and their 2023 swimwear collection will make you sick to your stomach

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America is going through a mental health crisis.

Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, and woke corporations are at the center of it all.

Now Adidas went woke and their 2023 swimwear collection will make you sick to your stomach.

Over the past few years, several of America’s biggest corporations and most-well known brands have used their status to push the Left’s woke ideology on their customers.

Even though the majority of Americans oppose the Left’s woke ideology, most refused to speak out or fight back out of fear of retribution.

But that changed when Anheuser-Busch executives made the decision to enter Bud Light into a partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

After Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, and a few other celebrities spoke out against Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney on social media, Americans launched a nationwide boycott on Anheuser-Busch products.

Anheuser-Busch has already lost over a billion dollars and the boycott shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

But many Americans are now calling for a boycott on another well-known brand.

Adidas launched its Pride 2023 swimwear collection earlier this week and customers were disgusted by what they saw.

On the “women’s” section of Adidas’ website, a colorful one-piece “Pride Swimsuit” is advertised for $70.

However, the photo features a man wearing a women’s one-piece bathing suit with an obvious man-bulge in the groin region.

Americans reacted with disgust and outrage over the photo.

Women’s sports activists were infuriated over what they called an affront to women.

“I don’t understand why companies are voluntarily doing this to themselves,” ex-swimmer Riley Gaines wrote on Twitter. “They could have at least said the suit is ‘unisex’, but they didn’t because it’s about erasing women,” she continued, before adding “ever wondered why we hardly see this go the other way?”

“Women’s swimsuits aren’t accessorized with a bulge,” she concluded.

Aside from Adidas, Sports Illustrated is featuring a man who claims to be a woman on the cover of one of its swimsuit editions.

The magazine also features 81-year-old Martha Stewart wearing a bikini on the cover.

Leftists are brainwashing children to believe they are “misgendered” and then pushing them to take puberty blockers or undergo irreversible sex change operations.

Woke corporations are trying to erase gender lines and force Americans to accept their woke insanity.

America has a mental health crisis.

And unfortunately there are no signs of it ending anytime soon.

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