Adam Schiff pulled this dirty trick that could come back to haunt Democrats

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Adam Schiff wants to be the next Senator from California.

He’ll do anything to make that a reality.

And Adam Schiff pulled this dirty trick that could come back to haunt Democrats.

Schiff spends big on TV ads supporting GOP Senate candidate

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) raised a whopping $33 million for his Senate campaign.

But Schiff didn’t just spend his largesse on his own bid for office.

Puck News’ Tina Ngyuen wrote that Schiff also spent $11 million on TV ads propping up the conservative credentials of GOP candidate Steve Garvey, a former 10-time All-Star for Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers.

“What’s so incredible about this campaign is that a single candidate, Schiff, was able to raise enough money to effectively fund two campaigns in the country’s most expensive media markets. Democrats are also pleased that Schiff, and the once-anticipated runner-up, fellow Democrat Katie Porter, will not be competing with their other Senate candidates for donor money,” Ngyuen reported.

Schiff spent big on what were ostensibly attack ads on Garvey highlighting the fact that he voted for Donald Trump twice because of California’s jungle Primary rules.

All candidates regardless of political party enter the same Primary and the top-two vote getters advance to the general election.

Schiff’s strategy

Schiff figured if he spent $11 million on ads boosting Garvey now, he wouldn’t have to spend anything in a General Election whereas if he faced another Democrat in November it would be the most expensive race in the country.

This gambit worked on Primary night as both Schiff and Garvey advanced to the General Election with 33 percent of the vote.

Schiff’s move may cause long term pain

Schiff’s fellow Democrats weren’t happy.

Congresswoman Katie Porter came in third with 13 percent of the vote and claimed Schiff rigged the election through big money TV ad buys.

“Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign and voted to shake up the status quo in Washington,” Porter wrote on social media. “Because of you, we had the establishment running scared — withstanding 3 to 1 in TV spending and an onslaught of billionaires spending millions to rig this election.”

“It’s clear Californians are hungry for leaders who break the mold, can’t be bought, and push for accountability in government and across our economy. And that’s exactly what we as Americans deserve,” Porter added.

“Special interests like politics as it is today because they control the politicians. As we’ve seen in this campaign, they spend millions to defeat someone who will dilute their influence and disrupt the status quo,” Porter continued.

But Schiff’s fellow Democrats have an actual reason to be angry.

By helping Garvey get to the general election Schiff hurt Democrats’ chances to win back a majority in the House of Representatives.

That’s because having Garvey on the ballot could help drive GOP turnout the swing districts Democrats are targeting, which could provide the margins Republican incumbents need to hang on.

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