Adam Schiff heard three words that will make his life a living hell

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For the last six years, California Congressman Adam Schiff ran point on the Democrat Party witch hunts against Donald Trump.

The American people finally reached a breaking point.

And Adam Schiff heard three words that will make his life a living hell.

The House Judiciary Committee held a field hearing at the Jacob Javits Federal Building in New York City to highlight Soros-backed District Attorney Alvin Bragg turning a blind eye to crime in order to pursue his vendetta against Donald Trump.

The committee heard from witnesses such as Barry Borgen – the father of a Jewish man beaten by a gang of six men in an anti-Semitic attack.

Instead of working to stop violent crime, Bragg downgraded 52 percent of felony charges to misdemeanors while at the same trying to bootstrap misdemeanors into felonies in order to charge Donald Trump with nonexistent crimes.

Adam Schiff was one of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee and Schiff used his opening statement to distract from the matter at hand by trying to gaslight the public into thinking the real issue is the conduct of the GOP majority.

“The GOP Leadership and Congress doing what it has done best the last six years and that is to act as the criminal defense counsel for Donald J. Trump . . .” Schiff claimed.

As Schiff began to speak, a man in the crowd jumped up and shouted “You’re a scumbag!”

As police dragged the man out of the hearing room he continued to shout that Schiff and the other Democrats on the committee pay “no attention to people who are justifying a bunch of families dying. You guys are scumbags! All of you! Every one of you!”

Committee Chairman Jim Jordan seethed as C-SPAN refused to televise this hearing even though C-SPAN regularly broadcast Democrat-run fishing expeditions into Donald Trump.

C-SPAN knew the content of the hearing would make Democrats look bad – as evidenced by the anger of the crowd at Schiff – so they tried to hide a fact-finding mission from the American people.

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