Adam Kinzinger just made this absurd prediction about Donald Trump

    Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to spread.

    And members of the Republican Party are some of the worst afflicted.

    Now Adam Kinzinger just made one ridiculous prediction about Donald Trump.

    Congressman Adam Kinzinger’s 15 minutes are nearly up.

    Democrats in Illinois gerrymandered his district out of existence despite all of his pandering to the Left, so he announced he would not seek reelection in order to save himself the embarrassment of a humiliating defeat.

    Yet Kinzinger continues to tapdance for the Democrats, maybe in hopes of landing a permanent contributorship on one of the cable networks.

    Kinzinger, one of the two Republicans that Nancy Pelosi allowed to be on the January 6th House Select Committee, appeared on ABC News with Jonathan Karl and made a ridiculous prediction about Donald Trump.

    He said that soon nobody will admit that they ever supported Trump.

    Kinzinger explained, “What I’m hearing, a lot of anecdotal stuff around the edges of people who have been, you know, hard core with Trump that now just can’t stand him. It’s enough to make a bit of a difference within maybe a GOP primary, but I think on the bigger term it’s denying anywhere near 50 percent of the American voters willing to basically go along with something like the coup on January 6th…I think though long term, Jonathan, in like five years I still believe that you’re — it’s going to be hard to find somebody that will admit they were ever a Trump supporter. And I think that’s where this impact comes in, as future history.”

    Kinzinger is truly delusional and doesn’t understand just how much people are furious at the D.C. Swamp and appreciate Trump for exposing it.

    Poll after poll shows that Trump has a loyal base, and Kinzinger and the establishment have given them no reason to abandon him.

    The January 6th hearings are not going the way Kinzinger and the Democrats had hoped.

    Politico reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan recently appeared on Meet the Press and relayed to Chuck Todd what a Democratic member of Congress told her: “Nobody gives a [bleep] about January 6th.”

    And the television ratings for the hearings showed that.

    Kinzinger snuck into Congress during the Tea Party wave, but he has been exposed as a warmongering establishment shill.

    In five years, the Democrats will forget that they ever had any “strange new respect” for Kinzinger, and Trump could potentially be back in the White House.

    Polls show that he would defeat Biden in a hypothetical rematch, and the Democrats have nobody else on their bench.

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