Actress Aubrey Plaza just found out the ugly truth about the Left’s woke cancel culture mob

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The radical Left is vicious.

They won’t hesitate to throw one of their own under the bus for even the slightest deviation from the woke narrative.

And actress Aubrey Plaza just found out the ugly truth about the Left’s woke cancel culture mob.

The Left’s woke ideology extends beyond indoctrinating children and censoring anyone who dares to oppose their radical agenda.

It also includes trying to control what type of food Americans are allowed to eat.

Under the guise of climate change and animal rights, woke leftists believe certain types of foods and beverages should be banned for ethical reasons.

Milk is one of the beverages the Left has long waged war against.

In April, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ripped leftist NBA star LeBron James for allowing the Starbucks at his community center in Akron, Ohio, to serve milk to customers.

“The dairy industry’s cruelty to cows, environmental impact, and negative health effects on lactose intolerant individuals contradict the hope your foundation brings,” PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange wrote. “The first dairy-free Starbucks location at House Three Thirty would set a precedent for socially responsible business practices and create ripple effects that would impact society for generations to come.”

But now actress Aubrey Plaza is under fire for filming a parody commercial for the milk industry that pokes fun at plant-based milk companies.

“Hi, I’m Aubrey Plaza,” the parody ad begins with her walking in the woods on a dirt path. “You know me as an actress, but I’m also the cofounder of Wood Milk, the world’s first and only milk made from wood.”

“Wood Milk started with a simple idea,” she continued, before saying that “I saw a tree, and I asked myself, ‘Can I drink this?’ As it turns out, the answer is yes, if you make it into milk.”

Plaza then uses the standard buzzwords of the radical anti-meat crowd by promising her wood milk was “eco friendly,” “artisanal,” and “free range.”

Wood milk comes in a variety of flavors, Plaza adds, “flavors like oak, cherry, maple, and of course, mahogany.”

Toward the end of the parody, Aubrey Plaza takes a sip of wood milk and asks, “got wood?”

The ad ends with her informing viewers that wood milk is “absolutely not” real.

“Only real milk is milk,” she says, before asking, “Then what did I invest in?”

The woke Left erupted into a fury over Aubrey Plaza cutting an ad for the milk industry.

“Disappointed to see you use your platform to discourage people from making healthier and kinder choices. Hope this is a learning opportunity for you,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Perhaps next, you could do a snarky ad mocking the people who try to stop dog fighting or clips of you laughing over other videos showing baby seals getting beaten to death for their fur,” another added.

“Stop mocking vegans,” another Instagram user proclaimed. “We are right about ethics and the environment.”

The left-wing site Vox put out an entire article attacking Aubrey for “mocking plant-based milks.”

Aubrey Plaza’s only crime was getting paid to perform in a parody milk commercial poking fun at plant-based alternatives.

But she quickly learned that when it comes to the woke Left, stepping just slightly out of line is a crime.

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