A woke journalist infiltrated this right-wing Mom’s group and came to an eye-rolling conclusion

Democrats are using January 6 to turn the War on Terror toward conservatives and libertarians.

The Left have drummed up paranoia about insurrectionists hiding under every rock.

Now a woke journalist infiltrated this right-wing Mom’s group and came to an eye-rolling conclusion.

Huffington Post writer Phoebe Cohen went “behind enemy lines” to find out if anything was afoot in a right-wing Mom’s group in her local suburb.

Her findings were both bombastic and ridiculous.

But the most absurd part of her column was when she said the mothers’ congeniality showed just how “dangerous” the group was.

She wrote:

“Despite my uneasiness, I couldn’t help but find myself liking the women in the room. They were charismatic. They were energetic. They had no problem letting my low-functioning autistic son play with their children, which is unfortunately rare among a lot of the other mothers I’ve encountered. But this made me even more uneasy. I realized these women were dangerous precisely because they were so friendly.”

This is what an unfalsifiable premise looks like.

Cohen went in with the notion that these women were “far right,” and evidence to the contrary only served as further proof of her original premise.

The Left are experts at this.

Cohen was troubled by the fact that the mothers in the group were concerned about the neo-Marxist philosophy of Critical Race Theory being filtered into the schools.

She parroted the talking point that CRT is not being taught:

“I am in a meeting held by a local right-wing mom’s group. It’s an organization catering to mothers who are bent on protesting at school board meetings to stop the supposedly evil critical race theory agenda from being taught in public schools and address other typically conservative concerns. Critical race theory is not currently being taught in public schools.”

Leftists like Cohen are playing a semantic game.

CRT as the arcane legal theory is not being taught in K-12, but its principles have been fully implemented, which is the entire point of a critical theory.

Critical theories are essentially defined as theories that critique the status quo, and can be put into practice.

For example, the Virginia Department of Education had CRT manuals on its website.

Multiple educators and administrators have been caught on camera talking about how they apply CRT in their work.

In Cohen’s piece, she tries to conflate CRT with real history, which is a lie.

Parents aren’t objecting to the teaching of slavery, Jim Crow, and the civil rights era.

But they are objecting to the Marxist framework that attempts to divide classrooms along racial lines.

The Left needs a boogeyman, and mothers who don’t want radical theories taught in schools have become targets.

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