A top Senate Republican welcomed Joe Biden to Florida with one TV ad that has all hell breaking loose

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Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Biden and members of his Cabinet set off on a post-State of the Union 20-state tour to push his extreme agenda.

But a top Senate Republican welcomed Joe Biden to Florida with one TV ad that has all hell breaking loose.

Florida has always been the largest swing state in America, making it a key battleground state in Presidential elections.

But Ron DeSantis changed the political landscape in Florida with his massive re-election victory that turned the state solid red and installed a GOP supermajority in the state legislature.

Since Ron DeSantis was elected in 2018, Republicans went from being outnumbered by nearly 300,000 registered voters to outnumbering Democrats by 400,000 registered voters in Florida.

But Joe Biden believes Florida is still a swing state and remains in play for Democrats.

And on Thursday, Biden traveled to Florida as part of his post-State of the Union tour where he campaigned against Republican Senator Rick Scott, who is up for re-election in 2024.

“President Joe Biden embarked Thursday on the next leg of his post-State of the Union tour with a visit to the former swing state of Florida, home to an emerging Republican foil, Sen. Rick Scott,” CNN reported.

But Senator Scott welcomed Joe Biden to Florida with a “mid-five figures buy” for a TV ad blasting the President as a “liar and a tax cheat.”

“Joe Biden just cut $280 billion from Medicare, and we know about his 80,000 IRS agents,” Scott says in the ad. “But what you don’t know is that Joe Biden also cheated on his taxes and got away with it.”

“Biden improperly used a loophole to dodge half a million dollars in taxes that should have gone to Medicare,” Scott says, before adding “now that Biden has ripped off Medicare for half a million dollars, he wants to close the loophole and raise your taxes.”

“Biden should resign,” Scott added.

Aside from the TV ad, Scott sent out a press release ripping Biden as a failed politician who never accomplished anything in office.

“Joe Biden had no accomplishments to tout in his State of the Union speech, so he told lies instead,” Scott wrote in the release.

Scott then listed several times going back to 1975 when Biden either voted for or supported cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits.

“Joe Biden is bringing his lies to Florida,” the release read. “That’s why Team Rick Scott will be running an ad reminding Floridians that Joe Biden is a liar and a tax cheat.”

Joe Biden is determined to convince the American people that his Presidency is a success.

But inflation is still skyhigh, the border is wide open, and Biden is walking the country closer and closer to nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine.

And as Rick Scott noted in his press release, Americans “aren’t stupid – they see right through Biden’s shameless lies.”

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