A top Senate Democrat just revealed one big lie Joe Biden told about fossil fuels in his State of the Union

Secretary Perry and Senator Joe Manchin at NETL Photo Simon Edelman, Energy Department

Joe Biden and the Democrats are waging a war on fossil fuels.

They’re determined to end fossil fuel production and transition the country over to less efficient “green” energy.

But now a top Senate Democrat just revealed one big lie Joe Biden told about fossil fuels in his State of the Union.

Joe Biden declared war on American energy production on his first day in office.

He permanently ended construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline and refused to renew leases for drilling oil and natural gas on federal lands.

Biden also stopped all oil exploration in ANWR.

Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels led to record high gas prices and skyrocketing energy bills for Americans all across the country.

But Joe Biden is pressing his foot down even harder with a plan to “eliminate nearly all greenhouse gas emissions” from transportation by forcing Americans to drive electric vehicles.

During his State of the Union Address, Biden predicted it would only take a decade to make the full transition away from fossil fuels.

But now one member of his own Party just took Biden to task for making such an outrageous claim about fossil fuels.

On Wednesday, Joe Manchin appeared on West Virginia MetroNews’ Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval to discuss the growing energy crisis facing our nation.

“President Biden says that we’re going to need fossil fuel for the next ten years,” host Hoppy Kercheval said.

Kercheval was referring to the State of the Union Address when Biden said it would take just ten years to transition from fossil fuels to so-called “green” energy.

The West Virginia Senator’s response caught Kercheval off guard.

“He knows it’s going to be a lot longer than that,” Manchin said, essentially admitting Biden flat-out lied during his address. “He knows that.”

Manchin was shocked that Biden even admitted it would take time to transition away from fossil fuels, saying that “just to get that out of his mouth was something positive, I think, acknowledging, for at least ten years.”

Kercheval followed up by asking Manchin how long he believed it would really take to transition from fossil fuels to so-called green energy.

“I mean, everybody’s saying 2050, they want to do a complete transition, that might be doable,” Manchin said. “It might be.”

California is planning to be off of fossil fuels by 2045.

The state already outlawed the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered engines in new vehicles after 2035.

California’s push for “green” energy sent gas and electric bills through the roof and also pushed the electrical grid to the brink of collapse.

And Joe Biden and the radical Left are determined to force the entire country to transition over to inefficient and expensive “green” energy.

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