A top Republican watchdog said one word about impeachment that left Joe Biden panicking

Joe Biden’s lawless regime is shredding the Constitution.

He’s facing a potential Republican takeover of Congress after the Midterm elections.

And a top Republican watchdog said one word about impeachment that left Joe Biden panicking.

Hunter Biden’s blatant corruption is a growing problem for President Joe Biden.

Evidence is mounting that Joe, despite repeated denials, was profiting off of Hunter’s shady foreign business deals that traded on the then Vice President’s name.

During a bombshell interview with Tucker Carlson, former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski revealed “that are hundreds of data points” that Joe Biden was acting as the “chairman” of Hunter’s foreign business deals.

With Republicans potentially taking over Congress after November’s Midterm elections, talk of impeachment is growing.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is one of the top GOP watchdogs in Congress and is in line to chair the powerful House Oversight Committee under a Republican House majority.

During an interview with Newsmax, Comer said that it’s a “possibility” that Hunter Biden’s infamous Laptop from Hell contains information that would be grounds for impeachment of the President.

Comer said that if “Joe Biden was receiving payments from Hunter Biden” or if Hunter profited “from influence peddling or being a foreign agent, however you want to describe it, either way, that’s illegal.”

Bobulinski said in his interview with Tucker Carlson that the Biden crime family cashed in on Joe’s name making millions overseas.

During previous Presidencies of both parties, Comer said that people “were indicted and convicted for being a foreign agent and not registering, not showing that income,” while adding, “Hunter Biden did that times 100.”

Hunter is currently under investigation by a federal grand jury in Delaware for tax crimes but the probe reportedly expanded into whether he violated foreign lobbying laws by not registering as foreign agent after his shady overseas business deals.

“Now, what’s bad for Joe Biden, in addition to having an immediate family member who was a foreign agent, is the fact that according to Hunter Biden and according to at least one whistleblower who’s a former associate, Hunter Biden was keeping Joe Biden up,” Comer said. “He was paying for his everyday expenses.”

Evidence from Hunter’s laptop and from Tony Bobulinski indicates that Joe Biden was raking it in from Hunter’s foreign business deals.

“He was helping provide that comfortable lifestyle and that big nice house he has in Delaware. He was helping to keep that up. So that’s a problem for Joe Biden,” Comer concluded.

A potential Republican majority in Congress could finally bring accountability to the Biden crime family.

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