A top Republican revealed a secret about Joe Biden’s family that will change everything

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Joe Biden’s family is at the center of an investigation about foreign governments, like Communist China, compromising Biden through business deals.

Now the American people are about to learn a disturbing truth.

And a top Republican revealed a secret about Joe Biden’s family that will change everything.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is leading the investigation into the Biden family’s corruption.

Comer subpoenaed bank records and finally got access to suspicious activity reports the Treasury Department logged against Hunter Biden.

The investigation uncovered the fact that at least three Biden family members received $1 million in payments from a company in Communist China that some experts believe is a front for Chinese intelligence.

There are other disturbing payments from Hunter Biden allegedly for Russian escorts and that Joe Biden transferred money to Hunter Biden before those payments were made.

Chairman Comer appeared on CNN Primetime to discuss his findings.

When Pamela Brown asked if Comer and the GOP uncovered any illegal behavior, Comer said there was a lot that should be illegal and much that American people would find unethical.

“Well, we found a lot that’s certainly unethical,” Comer shot back. “We found a lot that should be illegal. The line is blurry as to what is legal and not legal with respect to family influence-peddling. I think people in both parties have argued for many years that family members of both Republicans and Democrats – especially family members of Presidents – have benefited from our adversaries around the world.”

Brown tried to run cover for the Biden family by saying the payments from Communist China came after Joe Biden left the Vice Presidency.

“But you said it was 2017,” Brown stated. “That was after Joe Biden had left office [as Vice President].”

Comer undercut Brown’s claim by noting that the individuals involved in the deal first met with Joe Biden when he was still Vice President.

“It was,” Comer answered. “But the people that initiated the payments had met with Joe Biden while he was Vice President.”

Brown’s line of questioning was instructive on how the media plans to move the goal posts on this investigation.

The media will claim that unless the GOP finds evidence of criminal activity the investigation was a bust even if the committee produces a mountain of evidence showing unethical, corrupt, and immoral influence peddling and self-dealing by Joe Biden and his family that could make them beholden to Chinese intelligence operations.

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