A top pollster said Democrats are facing a massive wipeout over this sleeper issue

Democrats tried to ignore the reality of the situation.

But that proved impossible.

And a top pollster said Democrats are facing a massive wipeout over this sleeper issue.

Former Clinton pollster Stanley Greenberg published a piece that sent an earthquake across the Democrat Party.

Ever since the Black Lives Matter and Antifa insurrection in 2020, Democrats have stuck their heads in the sand on the issue of crime.

In 2020, Republicans gained 14 seats in the House of Representatives in large part due to the Left’s support for the violent Black Lives Matter movement and its signature policy of defunding the police.

Democrats waived off that election as a fluke.

But Greenberg noted that his polling showed the 2022 elections will be known as one where Republicans pummeled Democrats for the Left’s soft-on-crime policies.

“The 2022 Midterms will be remembered as a toxic campaign, but an effective one in labeling Democrats as ‘pro-crime.’ When voters in our survey were asked what they feared the most if Democrats win full control of the government, 56 percent rushed to choose ‘crime and homelessness out of control in cities and police coming under attack,’ followed by 43 percent who chose ‘the southern border being open to immigrants.’ Those two outpointed voters’ worries about Congress banning abortion nationally and women losing ‘equal rights,’” Greenberg wrote.

Greenberg said that when talking to voters it becomes clear that the Left’s support for Black Lives Matter and their attacks on law enforcement are haunting Democrats.

When asking voters what Democrats stood for on crime, Greenberg revealed that even Democrats said their Party stood for defunding the police.

“When Trump put the spotlight on high crime rates in Democratic-run cities, we retorted with the high crime rates in Republican-led cities. But where was the worry about community safety? Where were our plans to address crime? We were stymied by our rightful outrage over the repeated examples of police abuse and need to bring reforms. Yet if you ask our own voters, as I did after the election, they think our plan was ‘defund the police,’” Greenberg added.

Democrats cannot shake the defund the police stigma because the Left still pushes anti-cop policies such as eliminating qualified immunity and no cash bail.

The Left’s increasing reliance on woke, college educated voters is holding the Party hostage because they are the source of their small dollar donor army and they are rabidly hostile to the police.

And it looks like Democrats are set to suffer another electoral beating because of their anti-law enforcement zealotry.

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