A top military leader just dropped a bomb on CNN that will change the world

CNN continues to prove that they are the enemy of the people.

But more and more people are standing up to them.

And a top military leader just dropped a bomb on CNN that will change the world.

CNN is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

After spending years working to get President Trump out of office, they have their wish.

But Joe Biden is failing badly.

Everyone knows it, and anybody who says otherwise simply has their head in the sand.

So in their coverage, they are being forced to admit that Biden failed in his withdrawal from Afghanistan, while at the same time trying to make excuses for him.

But when they had Army Reserve Major Matt Zeller on the show, he completely destroyed any attempt to excuse Biden’s loss.

Zeller, who is also a former CIA analyst, claimed that due to Biden’s failed withdrawal, there is a good chance that Americans will be trapped in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

It became clear that Zeller wasn’t going to go soft on Biden when he responded to the news that Biden’s CIA Director met with the head of the Taliban by stating that “it tells me they have won . . . Only a couple of years ago [the CIA Director] was probably trying to kill the person they met with a couple of days ago.”

He went on to speak about Biden’s August 31 evacuation deadline, making clear that it isn’t enough time:

“The reality is, we do need more time, or . . . we’re going to end up probably leaving not just behind a lot of our Afghans, which is a guarantee at this point. We still do not have an evacuation plan for anyone outside of Kabul, and that could be up to another additional 50,000 people that we could be leaving behind.”

Zeller continued on, ominously adding, “At this point, if we don’t do this well past August 31, if we don’t get a time that – an additional time to do this, there’s a significant chance we’ll end up leaving Americans also behind in Afghanistan to be under the Taliban’s rule.”

If CNN was hoping to get some good news to paint Joe Biden in a good light, they definitely didn’t get that from Zeller.

When even CNN can’t spin him in a good light, it is clear that Joe Biden is failing at historic levels.

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