A top Japanese political commentator just put the Biden administration on notice about pushing the woke agenda in Japan

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The Biden administration is stacked with radicals who fully support the Left’s woke agenda.

Some of Biden’s ambassadors are pushing the Left’s woke gender insanity on America’s allies overseas.

But a top Japanese political commentator just put the Biden administration on notice about pushing the woke agenda in Japan.

Rahm Emanuel is a former Mayor of Chicago, Congressman, and White House Chief of Staff for Barack Obama.

Emanuel is famous for telling Obama that “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste” during the financial meltdown of 2008.

Today, Emanuel serves as the United States Ambassador to Japan.

But just like Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats, Rahm Emanuel has fully embraced the Left’s woke ideology.

And Emanuel is trying to force Japan to adopt the same woke pro-LGBTQ policies leftists are pushing in America.

“The U.S. ambassador to Japan has said he hopes that the Japanese parliament will enact ‘clear, unambiguous’ legislation to protect sexual minorities, adding he has ‘full confidence’ in Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s leadership on the issue,” The Japan Times reported. “Rahm Emanuel told a news conference in Tokyo Wednesday that he expects the Diet to ‘take the steps necessary to be a clear, unambiguous voice not only for tolerance but against discrimination’ toward sexual minorities,” the Times continued, before adding that “his comments came as the ruling and opposition blocs seek to enact a law to facilitate understanding of the LGBTQ community in Japan during the current parliamentary session through June 21.”

Emanuel recently shared a video on Twitter featuring the diplomats of 15 western missions in Tokyo demanding Japanese leaders to support “universal human rights for all.”

“When my closest friends give me the same advice, I pay attention,” Emanuel wrote above a video he shared on Twitter. “Fifteen foreign missions in #Tokyo have each lent their singular voice to a common message: we support universal human rights for all, we support #LGBTQI+ communities, and we oppose discrimination.”

However, Emanuel’s attempt to force wokeness on Japan did not sit well with some of the country’s top political commentators.

“He shouldn’t interfere in Japan’s domestic affairs, especially with the legislation that is not even passed in his own country,” Japanese conservative commentator Yoko Ishii told Breitbart News. “What gives him the right to control us? Is he trying to culturally colonize us?”

Ishii then dropped the hammer on Emanuel by putting him on notice that “many of us Japanese are already sick and tired of the interference in domestic affairs by Ambassador Emanuel.”

He noted that the pressure to embrace the woke insanity is “making us distrust the U.S.,” adding that “this is making us want to stay away from the U.S.”

Ishii is not the only commentator who is outraged at Emanuel’s wokeness.

“Many Japanese people are so angry about this obvious overt interference in domestic affairs,” Ganaha Masako, an Okinawa-based journalist, told Fox News. “What they are doing is to push LGBT ideology to us, and it’s destroying our culture.”

Joe Biden and the Democrats are ruining America with their woke ideology.

And apparently they’re also trying to ruin the entire world by forcing woke insanity on the planet.

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