A top House Republican just dropped the hammer on the Marine Corps University for pushing woke gender theory

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From schools and universities to the United States military, the Left’s woke ideology has invaded every corner of American society.

But conservatives have finally had enough.

And a top House Republican just dropped the hammer on the Marine Corps University for pushing woke gender theory.

For the past several years, the Left faced little to no opposition to their woke ideology.

Most conservatives were afraid to fight back out of fear of losing their jobs or getting canceled.

But Ron DeSantis showed Republicans how to fight and win against the woke Left.

One area where the Left’s woke ideology is harming the country is the military.

And conservative Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX), who endorsed DeSantis for President, has had enough of the military pushing the woke agenda.

Last week, the Marine Corps University announced on social media that it was hosting a “yearlong exploration of gender and security” in a new program named after a female general.

“Yesterday we were able to host the 1st meeting of the AY24 Reynolds Scholars,” the Krulak Center’s X account posted. “The program is a yearlong exploration of gender and security named after LtGen Lori Reynolds, USMC (Ret).”

On Thursday, Roy introduced a bill to defund the center at Marine Corps University that is hosting the “yearlong exploration of gender and security.”

“Putting aside the fact that a federally funded military education program is outright calling for censorship of free discussion, this type of thing is exactly what is rotting our military from the inside,” Roy wrote in a statement. “Our military should be focused on killing people and blowing stuff up – not wasting time discussing ‘non-violent masculinities’ and other gender theory garbage.”

Roy urged his colleagues to do more than just pass his “legislation to defund this program.”

“Congressional Republicans have no business passing a defense authorization or funding bill that doesn’t end every single instance of woke propaganda like this,” Roy said.

Since the Marine Corps University is a federally funded institute through the Reynold Scholar Program, Roy said he will introduce his bill to defund it as an amendment to the House’s Department of Defense appropriations bill.

Republicans have had enough of the woke madness and are finally starting to fight back.

And Chip Roy’s bill to defund this program at the Marine Corps University should only be one of many actions taken by Republicans to rid the military of the woke virus.

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