A top Fox News star just took Joe Biden’s side in this major dispute with Donald Trump

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Donald Trump was not happy with what he saw on Fox News Channel.

Fox News wants Trump gone by any means necessary.

And a top Fox News star just took Joe Biden’s side in this major dispute with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, to show that he cared about the community suffering from a toxic chemical spill following a train derailment.

Trump toured the blighted community after Joe Biden refused to visit and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg ignored the crisis for nearly two weeks.

East Palestine residents, Republicans, and a broad swath of the American people were appalled that Joe Biden would jet off to Ukraine to show that escalating his war with Russia was his number one concern while ignoring the suffering of Americans here at home.

Fox News Senior political analyst Brit Hume rejected that criticism and heaped praise upon Biden for lavishing attention and American taxpayer money on Ukraine.

Appearing on Fox News Special report Hume downplayed the idea that Biden or Buttigieg needed to visit East Palestine.

“The key thing always is, what if anything is the administration obliged to do when something like this happens?” Hume asked. “Visits by officials are nice, but they’re essentially political gestures. I mean, I don’t think the administration’s policies or actions toward East Palestine would be any different if more officials had gone there.”

And Hume praised Biden for visiting Ukraine falsely claiming that securing the Ukrainian border was of vital importance to American national security.

Hume claimed visiting Ukraine was a vital part of Biden’s job as President.

“I completely reject the parallel that’s been drawn between his going to Ukraine and not going – so far, at least – to East Palestine,” Hume added. “The federal government – preeminently – has a responsibility for our national defense. There’s no private sector involvement in that except [in] the sense that they make weapons and there’s no state and local government involved in that. It is the federal government’s job. And when the President is doing that job, he’s doing it the key and foremost task of his Presidency.”

The Washington establishment sees Ukraine as the be all and end all of American global interests.

But the American people want to see a government that looks after its own citizens first and foremost.

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