A top Democrat Senator just admitted one terrifying truth about Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels

Joe Biden is pushing the Left’s extreme green agenda on America.

But even some members of his own Party believe Biden is going too far.

And a top Democrat Senator just admitted one terrifying truth about Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels.

The radical environmentalists are pushing for new rules that would allow retirement fund managers to factor in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into their investment decisions.

ESGs are essentially a back-door scheme to impose the Green New Deal by using the nation’s retirement system as leverage for forcing state and local governments to support radical “green” policies.

Republican Governors like Ron DeSantis are fighting to ban ESGs at the state level, while GOP members of Congress are working to roll back Biden’s rules.

But it’s not just Republicans who are now speaking out against Biden’s ESG rules.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin recently joined 49 Senate Republicans in supporting a resolution disapproving of Biden’s ESG requirements for 401k plans.

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom, Joe Manchin (D-WV) declared his opposition to Joe Biden’s ESG investment rule.

“When you start putting ESG and basically making evaluations on the environmental impacts, I think we all have a responsibility and we’ve done a good job on that,” Manchin began. “We’ve reduced our emissions by more than any other country in the free world.”

Since America already lowered emissions, Manchin said it’s critical for the United States to “look at the geopolitical risk that’s involved” with moving away from fossil fuels too quickly.

He pointed to Europe as an example, where citizens are suffering from skyhigh natural gas prices during the winter months.

“Why don’t you ask Europe what’s happened to them, ask Germany what’s happened to their economy?” Manchin said. “Look what Putin did to weaponize energy.”

The West Virginia Senator said Joe Biden’s war on fossil fuels is “going to damage our economy and make our country much weaker. So, geopolitical risks should be evaluated just as much as they’re talking ESG.”

California and other left-wing states are already implementing bans on gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

Manchin said trying to switch from fossil fuels quickly is a disaster waiting to happen.

Instead of government officials trying to dictate energy policy, Manchin said the market should determine when it’s time to move on from fossil fuels.

“The market will tell you when there’s something to replace the fossil and the horsepower that comes from the coal, the gas, and the oil,” Manchin said. “The market will move when the market’s ready to move and replace it, and we’re not ready yet.”

Should Joe Biden move forward with his anti-fossil fuel agenda, Manchin warned it will put the entire economy in jeopardy.

“For the administration to move in and accelerate that before we’re ready, just puts our economy in jeopardy and also the return on investment that people need for their retirement,” he concluded.

Joe Biden is determined to destroy the American energy industry to usher in the Left’s Green New Deal policies on the country.

But with the economy already on the brink of recession and energy prices skyhigh, Republicans, along with a few Democrats, are now fighting back against Biden’s war on fossil fuels.

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