A top Democrat just demanded Joe Biden arrest Tucker Carlson over this video

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Democrats and the media did not want Americans to see the results of Tucker Carlson’s latest reporting.

What Carlson showed people caused a freak out on the Left.

And a top Democrat just demanded Joe Biden arrest Tucker Carlson over this video.

Tucker Carlson playing unseen security camera footage from January 6 destroyed the Left’s narrative about that day.

In 2022, Democrats smearing their GOP challengers with charges of being domestic extremists out to overthrow the American government proved to be one of the Left’s most potent lines of attack.

With Donald Trump favored to win the GOP nomination, Democrats planned to rerun that successful playbook in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Carlson threatened to upend those plans by showing the public the footage Nancy Pelosi and the January 6 Committee wanted to keep hidden.

The focus of Carlson’s reporting centered on Jacob Chansley – the so-called “QAnon Shaman” – who a judge sentenced to 41 months in prison after the government presented Chansley as the face of the insurrection.

But the video Carlson showed painted a different picture as security camera footage showed police escorting Chansley around the Capitol and even opening the door to the Senate chamber for Chansley.

Another video showed Chansley telling a group of Trump supporters that Trump tweeted that they should leave the Capitol and that it was time to go home.

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann erupted on social media in a video where Olbermann waived around a court document demanding Biden arrest Tucker Carlson and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for obstruction of justice.

“Free the ‘Q Shaman.’ No! Arrest Tucker Carlson,” Olbermann began. “A new government document, memorandum 689, submitted in a different Jan. 6 case yesterday proves that by Sept. 2021, the ‘Q Shaman,’ Jacob Chansley, and his attorneys, had all but 10 seconds of all Jan. 6 video.”

“And what is it called when you and the Speaker of the House deliberately try to interfere in the Jan. 6 prosecutions by lying? It’s called obstruction of justice. Arrest Tucker Carlson. Arrest Kevin McCarthy,” Olbermann added.

Olbermann referred to a court filing by former Proud Boy member Dominic Pezzola asking a judge to throw out his charges on the grounds that Carlson proved that prosecutors withheld evidence from the defense.

The Left depended on the January 6 narrative as their secret weapon in elections.

And prominent liberals are handling the fact that Carlson obliterated those talking points well.

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