A top Clinton advisor gave Mitch McConnell a brutal reality check over this colossal blunder

Mitch McConnell is under fire after the GOP’s disappointing Midterm elections.

Now he’s facing serious questions about his leadership. 

And a top Clinton advisor gave Mitch McConnell a brutal reality check over this colossal blunder.

The finger pointing has begun after the expected “red wave” for Republicans never materialized on election night.

The Republican establishment is trying to scapegoat former President Donald Trump for the GOP underperforming expectations.

But author and former political advisor to Bill Clinton, Dick Morris told Newsmax that it was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who should be blamed for the GOP’s failures in the Midterm elections.

“Those who blame Trump for this, it’s just wrong,” Morris said. “Mitch McConnell, the [minority] leader of the senate, absolutely failed to fund the Republican Senate candidates who were backed by Trump.”

McConnell was seething after Trump-backed GOP Senate candidates prevailed in contested primaries this year.

He complained about “candidate quality” for Senate Republicans in a direct shot at Trump-backed candidates. 

“Anybody who won the primary, who is Trump’s endorsed candidate, was shut out of money from the Senate committee, or from McConnell’s PAC,” Morris continued. “The Democrats spent an aggregated $360 million. Republicans spent only $190 million in specific races.”

Morris explained that Trump endorsed senate candidates won 9 out of the 15 toughest races this year including Ted Budd in North Carolina, Sen. Ron Johnson in Wisconsin and J.D. Vance in Ohio.

According to Morris, McConnell worked to undermine Trump-backed Senate candidates and gave big GOP donors “incentives” not to support them financially.

McConnell was more interested in protecting his own job as the Republican Senate leader rather than dealing with a challenge to his leadership from Trump-backed conservatives.

“The fact of the matter is that McConnell would rather be leader than care whether it’s majority or minority leader,” Morris said. “He ended up underfunding, or zero funding, races that had candidates who might not support him for leader.”

Morris said that it was “absurd” that McConnell’s PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, spent $9 million defending RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) against a challenge from Trump endorsed Kelly Tshibaka.

Alaska uses a system where the top four candidates square off in the general election regardless of party.

Murkowski or Tshibaka were virtually guaranteed to win Alaska’s Senate seat, keeping it in Republican hands no matter what.

McConnell spent big on Murkowski because she was “fighting” with Trump according to Morris.

By spending in Alaska, critical resources were diverted from other states leaving Republican Senate candidates high and dry.

The Senate Leadership Fund canceled millions in TV advertising in key Senate races for Don Bolduc in New Hampshire and Blake Masters in Arizona, who both had Trump’s endorsement.

Masters and Bolduc were in close races and being heavily outspent by their Democrat opponents.

Mitch McConnell’s decision to abandon these Republican Senate candidates has the GOP facing two long years in the Senate minority to think about McConnell’s failed leadership.

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