A top CEO just lowered the boom on Mitch McConnell with this devastating reality check

The fallout from the Midterm elections is continuing.

The GOP establishment’s failures are coming into focus.

And a top CEO just lowered the boom on Mitch McConnell with this devastating reality check.

After a shocking failure during the Midterm elections, Republicans are trying to figure out what went wrong.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) singled out candidate quality in Senate races as the big problem, a direct shot at Trump-endorsed candidates who came up just short.

Billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel lamented the GOP’s missed opportunity in the Midterm election during a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute.

He backed losing Arizona senate candidate Blake Masters, a former Thiel employee, and Ohio Senator-elect J.D Vance who were also endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

“The part of it that’s not merely disastrous but also depressing is just the sense that if we don’t do something different, we’re just gonna be in this Groundhog Day where something like this is going to repeat in 2024, or throughout the rest of this decade,” Thiel said.

Thiel spent millions supporting Vance and Masters while McConnell bailed early on the Arizona Senate race.

McConnell’s super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, pulled nearly $10 million in TV advertising out of Masters’ race when the polls showed it was neck and neck.

Thiel said the Midterms were “structurally” set up for a big Republican victory with high gas prices and rampant inflation.

“If you can’t sort of win in that kind of a context, how are you ever going to win?” Thiel asked.

He set his sights on Mitch McConnell for one the biggest problems that the GOP had during the election cycle.

“There was sort of a Mitch McConnell intuition that you shouldn’t talk about anything substantive at all, sort of a nihilistic, maybe a passive-aggressive form of nihilism or something like that . . . which is kind of uninspiring,” Thiel said.

McConnell refused to release a legislative agenda for Republicans to run on during the midterm elections.

That left Republicans with no message and no way to draw a clear contrast with their Democrat opponents.

Thiel said ripped former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his technocratic approach as the “opposite problem.”

“And then there was maybe his sort of a opposite problem, something like the detailed Paul Ryan policy wonkery, where you go into a lot of details, but somehow the ideas are unpopular and you’re checkmate on move one,” Thiel said.

The GOP establishment missed the boat by not running on winning issues that focused on the problems facing the country. 

Rather than directly address the concerns of voters, McConnell banked on not being Democrats as being enough to win.

Mitch McConnell blew a golden opportunity in the Midterm elections and handed Democrats control of the Senate for the next two years.

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