A top actress and comedian is calling on Disney to do one thing that has parents furious

Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Walt Disney Co. already pushes the Left’s woke agenda in virtually all of its content.

But Disney is not woke enough for some leftists.

And now a top actress and comedian is calling on Disney to do one thing that has parents furious.

From institutions of higher learning to professional sports, the Left’s woke ideology has made its way into every aspect of American society.

But America’s entertainment industry is the one area where the Left’s woke ideology dominates the most.

Of course, Hollywood has always been full of radical left-wing elites who push the Democrats’ agenda.

But it’s expanded to entertainment made for young children, with even Disney now incorporating gay and transgender messaging into content aimed at children.

“From Pixar to Marvel to Star Wars, Disney properties have fully embraced the LGBTQAI2S+ movement and are only ramping up their efforts, especially with the Disney+ streaming service providing another pathway into the minds of young children,” Breitbart previously reported in an article highlighting 15 times Disney pushed the LGBTQ+ message on children. “Recently leaked internal videos show Disney creatives openly discussing their plans for more gay and transgender characters.”

However, actress and comedian Margaret Cho believes Disney is not pushing the Left’s woke agenda enough.

Cho currently plays school counselor Miss Chen — one of the first LGBT characters in a full-fledged Disney film – in the movie Prom Pact.

“I play a queer character in the film who’s really somebody that [the kids] look up to, which I think is really amazing,” she said. “I grew up in the queer community, so that for me was a real homage to this character.”

But during a recent interview with the Times of India, Cho said Disney was not doing enough and called on executives to incorporate transgender characters “everywhere.”

“Absolutely, yes!” Cho said when asked if she thinks “it’s time for a Disney film to feature an LGBTQ lead character.”

“I would love to see them everywhere,” she continued.

She then called on Disney princes and princesses to be played by trans actors.

“I would love to see trans characters, I would love to see different types of people in the roles of, like, Disney princess, Disney prince, Disney everything,” she said.

Cho added that having transgender characters is “a move towards the future” and “a move towards who we are.”

When even Disney shows are no longer safe for young children to watch, there is no denying that the Left’s woke agenda has now taken over all of American society.

And that should frighten most Americans.

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