A teachers’ union declared war on parents with one shocking appeal to Biden

Concerned parents around the country have discovered what’s going on in their children’s schools.

And they are furious.

But a teachers’ union has now declared war on parents with one shocking appeal to Biden.

Democrats in Rhode Island, at the behest of teachers’ unions, are introducing legislation that would create a teachers’ bill of rights.

The bill includes mushy and subjective language such as “[the right] to be treated with civility and respect.”

But more insidious in the bill is language that would limit parents’ ability to criticize teachers for implementing radical lesson plans and other such nonsense.

Education reformer Max Eden highlighted the troubling language in the bill:

The right to, “not be subject to harassment, abusive language, and/or upbraiding by parents, other citizens, students and/or other school employees” should be concerning for parents.

The bill intentionally lumps in “harassment” and “abusive language” with “upbraiding,” which simply means finding fault with.

So parents, who “find fault with” teachers slyly teaching the neo-Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory, could find themselves in contravention of the law.

The bill further states that teachers have the right to “have their professional judgment and discretion respected,” but that should not supersede the judgment and discretion of the parents and whoever shapes the curriculum.

The bill also says that teachers are entitled “to report any errant, offensive, or abusive content or behavior of students to school officials or appropriate agencies.”

The last few years have shown that wearing a MAGA hat has been deemed offensive by “woke” teachers and administrators.

A substitute teacher in California recently told a student that he could not wear a COVID mask that had the Blue Lives Matter flag on it.

Teachers and administrators essentially want to own other people’s children.

Parents have awakened to this fact in large part due to distance learning that exposed radical lesson plans.

Not only are kids being propagandized with nonsense about CRT, they’re also being introduced to radical gender theory.

Schools have been caught transitioning students without their parents’ knowledge.

The Left have activated parents around the country, and now they have a big fight on their hands.

Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race proved that, as did the recent recall of radical school board members in San Francisco.

When progressives in San Francisco are fed up, that should be a clear sign that the Left have gone too far.

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