A sudden resignation could jeopardize the outcome of Trump’s impeachment trial

Even though Donald Trump has left office, the Democrats and Never-Trump RINOS continue to push forward with his impeachment trial.

Unfortunately, it looks like Trump just got some unwelcome news.

A sudden resignation could jeopardize the outcome of Trump’s impeachment trial.

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio announced recently that he will be retiring instead of seeking a third term in 2022.

Seems Portman doesn’t like the gridlock in the Senate, and that’s why he’s leaving.

In his announcement, Portman stated, “It has gotten harder and harder to break through the partisan gridlock and make progress on substantive policy, and that has contributed to my decision.”

Portman also stated that he looks forward to spending the next two years focusing his “energy on legislation and the challenges that face our country rather than on fundraising and campaigning.”

While Portman’s retirement is not for a little while, the focus immediately shifted as to how this could adversely affect the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Some pundits believe that Portman’s decision to retire put his impeachment vote in play because he no longer fears a primary challenge.

At this moment, only a small handful of Republican turncoats are expected to vote to convict Trump.

Some of the Senators considered a definite vote to convict are Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski.

None of those names come as a surprise.

There is no chance seventeen Republicans vote to convict Trump. Still, some in the left-wing media believe if more Republican Senators vote to convict, it could be portrayed as a total rejection of the President.

The Republican establishment would then likely seek to rid the party of Trump and his supporters from the party.

Currently, at least four members of Ohio’s congressional delegation are considering a run for the seat, but the person seen as the best positioned is Rep. Jim Jordan, a staunch conservative with deep ties to Trump.

Driving Trump supporters from the party could cause a deep divide that may cost Republicans what was expected to be a sure seat in 2022.

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