A stunning development in the January 6th witch hunt has Democrats on pins and needles

The Democrats are desperate to play up the Capitol Hill riot.

They’re using it as the impetus for censorship and federal investigations.

But one stunning development in the January 6th witch hunt has Democrats on pins and needles.

Democrats and RINOs Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney on the January 6th Select Committee are engaged in an endless fishing expedition to demonize Donald Trump and all of his supporters.

The committee has subpoenaed everyone from former Trump associates to journalists.

But the committee is suspiciously incurious about one shadowy individual: Ray Epps.

A supposed Trump supporter, Epps was caught on camera shouting at people that they needed to go “into the Capitol” on January 6th.

People in the crowd balked, and began chanting, “Fed, fed, fed!”

Epps was seen again whispering in the ear of the rioter who first breached Capitol security and started a stampede.

Yet, the fire-breathing leftists and RINOs couldn’t seem to care less about Epps even though he was on the FBI Most Wanted list, but was suspiciously removed after he was identified.

After immense public pressure, the committee announced it would be interviewing Epps.

The eye-opening development means that Kinzinger lied when he said the committee had already spoken to him in any formal capacity.

Everything about the Epps saga stinks.

Democrats have been frothing at the mouth to punish any Trump supporter who even congregated in Washington, D.C. on January 6th, yet they have no interest in the man recorded on camera goading people to storm the Capitol.

Trump pointed it out at a recent rally.

If Democrats and RINOs want to know why so many people no longer trust institutions, the Epps saga is a perfect encapsulation.

There are legitimate questions as to whether or not Epps is or was an agent of the federal government.

Nobody expects the hyper-partisan select committee to get to the bottom of it.

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