A Sports Illustrated swimsuit model turned heads with this show of support for Donald Trump

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Celebrities are typically afraid to show their support for Donald Trump.

One of his famous supporters wasn’t afraid to put it out there.

And a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model turned heads with this show of support for Donald Trump.

Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas saw celebrities descend on Sin City to celebrate before the big game.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kristen Louelle Gaffney made it a point to show her support for former President Donald Trump at the Maxim Super Bowl Party the night before the game.

She carried a sparkly purse with the phrase “MAGA” on it to the event.

“I was most excited for this event because my favorite rapper and idol 50 Cent was performing, so I saved my favorite look for then,” Louelle Gaffney told Fox News. “50 Cent is a very smart man and coincidentally just publicly showed Trump some love.”

Rapper 50 Cent said “Maybe Trump is the answer” after his native New York City gave $53 million worth of pre-paid debit cards to illegal aliens.

“I love when the universe does things like that,” Louelle Gaffney added.

A cottage industry of products featuring the MAGA or “Make America Great Again” slogan popped up after Trump’s first Presidential campaign in 2016.

Lucky Starr Couture, which produced her MAGA purse, also features purses with “Trump” and “FJB [F**k Joe Biden]” adorned on them.

“I knew there would be lots of press this weekend, so I wanted to make a statement,” Louelle Gaffney said. “It may sound silly, but I feel God has put this on my heart to use my platform to encourage others to use their voice to stand for what’s important.”

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model said that she didn’t face any backlash for the MAGA purse at the Maxim party.

“Funny enough, I got an enormous amount of support,” Louelle Gaffney said. “People absolutely loved this purse. Guys gave me high-fives, girls gave me praise.”

The mother of three and podcaster is married to former New England Patriots running back Tyler Gaffney.

“Trump embraces the American dream, he protects our children, and he puts our country first,” Louelle Gaffney added, “We should stop questioning the man who wants to Make America Great Again, and start questioning those who are challenging the concept of putting our country and our people first.”

She weighed on the speculation that the relationship between pop star Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was orchestrated to get President Joe Biden votes from their fans.

She said that she hoped their relationship was real “but the timing is interesting.”

“Kelce endorsing Pfizer then teaming up with a woman with an unfortunate connection to the Soros family during an election year,” she added.

More and more celebrities are willing to embrace Donald Trump as he tries to make a return to the White House.

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