A shocking voter fraud arrest in one key swing state just proved Trump is right about 2020

    Donald Trump still maintains that there was fraud in the 2020 election.

    Democrats and the corporate-controlled media attack him for it.

    But a shocking voter fraud arrest in one key swing state just proved Trump is right about 2020.

    Arizona was one of the most closely contested states in 2020.

    Joe Biden carried the state by a narrow margin of 12,000 votes.

    Trump and his supporters believe Biden only won the state by fraud.

    Democrats and their allies in the corporate-controlled press claim the 2020 election was the safest and most secure in American history.

    This was quite a change from 2016, where Democrats and the press pushed the lie that the Russians hacked the election.

    But there was voter fraud in 2020.

    And there was voter fraud in 2020 in the state of Arizona.

    Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that a grand jury indicted Gloria Lopez Torres and Nadia Guadalupe Lizarraga-Mayorquin for their role in an illegal ballot harvesting scheme during the 2020 election.

    The Epoch Times reports:

    Torres is accused of collecting seven ballots from Lizarraga-Mayorquin, according to grand jury indictments (pdf) (pdf) that were returned earlier this month. Lizarraga-Mayorquin collected at least one ballot from a third party who wasn’t identified.

    State law only provides for a family member, household member, or caregiver to collect early ballots from another individual in Arizona, Brnovich’s office said in the statement.

    The indictments allege that the unlawful activity started around July 12, 2020, and ran until Aug. 4, 2020—the primary Election Day. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office obtained video footage of alleged ballot harvesting near a polling station in San Luis, the indictment said.

    Ballot harvesting is illegal in the state of Arizona.

    And even though these arrests did not uncover anywhere near enough fraud to overturn the results in 2020, it is evidence of voter fraud.

    One illegal vote is too many in an election.

    That’s because each illegal vote disenfranchises a legal ballot cast by a legitimate voter.

    The corporate-controlled press likes to claim voter fraud is not a significant problem or that it doesn’t exist at all.

    Neither of those premises are true.

    And the state of Arizona proved it.

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