A scary secret was revealed about one of Tom Brady’s worst moments on TV

Staff Sgt. Joshua Horton, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Tom Brady was known for being cool under pressure during his playing days in the NFL.

But he suffered a rare public outburst when no one expected it. 

And a scary secret was revealed about one of Tom Brady’s worst moments on TV. 

Tom Brady’s anger at a comedian during his roast wasn’t part of the act

The live and uncensored Netflix comedy special, The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady, subjected the seven-time Super Bowl quarterback to a ribbing from comedians, celebrities, and his former NFL teammates.

Tom Brady was subjected to some edgy personal jokes during the roast, and he seemed to take everything in stride.

But one joke caused the former NFL great to confront the roastmaster, comedian Jeff Ross.

Ross cracked a joke about New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft’s 2019 charge for soliciting prostitution at an Asian massage parlor in South Florida.

The charges against Kraft were dropped after video evidence was ruled inadmissible in court.

“He sat there for days, waiting and waiting, and then you were finally picked in the sixth round when Bill Belichick’s dog stepped on the keyboard by accident,” Ross said.

“On the first day of training camp, that scrawny rookie famously walked into the owner Robert Kraft’s office and said ‘I’m the best decision your organization has ever made,’” Ross continued with a brief pause. “Would you like a massage?”

Brady stormed up to Ross, where he could be heard saying on a hot mic, “Don’t say that s*** again!” while putting his hand over the comedian’s ear.

Ross played off the incident, and the camera cut to Kraft, who was in the audience smiling.

No one was quite sure if the confrontation was part of the show or if Brady was actually upset.

Comedian reveals that Tom Brady was angry about prostitution joke

Comedian Andrew Schulz revealed on his podcast Flagrant that roasters were instructed not to joke about Kraft’s prostitution arrest before the Brady roast.

Because the Patriots owner was going to attend the event, he was off-limits.

 “When Tom checked Jeff Ross, I think that was 100% real,” Schulz said. “The reason why I think it’s real is because they told us no jokes about happy endings with Bob Kraft. I had a Bob Kraft [joke] . . . Tom asked us not to do anything with the massage s***.”

Ross’ Kraft joke came at the beginning of the roast.

Schulz marveled that Brady was ready to defend his former employer after the zinger.

“This is the first comic that goes on!” Schulz explained. “It’s a live roast and it’s your night. [Brady] was ready to shut the whole thing down. That’s an alpha a** move. For this guy, who basically let him go . . . Bob Kraft did not resign him and he still feels that kind of loyalty.”

The comedian said that most people aren’t willing to upset the applecart at a live event.

“Most people who get caught up in that moment are like, ‘I don’t want to ruin [the event],’” Schulz added. “But for him this s*** don’t matter. He said to [Kraft] those jokes weren’t going to be made and he agreed to come and then you broke the rule.”

Ross said after the roast that Kraft loved the joke and that Brady was just trying to protect his former owner.