A ruthless campaign ad just torpedoed one Democratic Senator running against a Trump-endorsed candidate

Joe Biden is driving his presidency into the ground.

And he’s taking Democrats around the country down with him.

Now, a ruthless campaign ad just torpedoed one Democratic Senator running against a Trump-endorsed candidate.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in the gutter, and Democrats are beginning to panic about his drag on the party.

Beto O’Rourke, for example, said he did not want any outside help in his longshot bid to become the Governor of Texas.

Republicans have opened up their largest lead ever in the generic Congressional ballot at this point in the election calendar.

And one Democrat who’s in trouble is Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

The far-left senator eked out a razor-thin margin due to a recount, but his seat could already be in jeopardy.

And one devastating campaign ad used Warnock’s words against him.

In one clip, Warnock said that “people are hurting, people are tired,” which was accompanied by pop-up graphics on the screen that showed the impact of Biden’s harmful policies.

For instance, Biden’s economic policies have led to the worst inflation in 40 years, and even longer than that if using the old Consumer Price Index model.

The video hits Warnock repeatedly using his own words presented against the facts.

Warnock is running against Georgia football legend Herschel Walker, who got a ringing endorsement from Donald Trump.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Walker currently has a 3.5 point lead on Warnock.

The Democrats tried to portray Warnock as a moderate, but he has a radical background.

Warnock was endorsed by Bernie Sanders and other Democratic Socialists.

During one sermon displayed in the campaign ad, Warnock said that “America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness.”

In a separate sermon, he suggested that Jesus was a Marxist.

Also, a church he was once part of warmly hosted Fidel Castro in the 1990s.

Warnock’s ex-girlfriend also accused him of running over her foot with his car and explaining that he was a manipulative “actor.”

Walker has a chance to reclaim the seat that never should have gone to such a radical figure.

Warnock’s narrow victory forced a tie in the Senate, which allowed Vice President Kamala Harris to be the deciding vote.

But Warnock could quickly give that seat back to the Republicans, and this campaign ad certainly will not help his cause.

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