A Republican Governor sent one letter off to the courts that is sending waves throughout America’s judiciary system

It seems like every other day there’s some local or state law passed by Republicans that is hit with an injunction or being shot down by liberal judges as “unconstitutional.”

But conservatives are starting to fight back against the obvious bias.

And now a Republican Governor sent one letter off to the courts that is sending waves throughout America’s judiciary system.

In February 2021, South Carolina passed legislation requiring abortionists to perform ultrasounds on pregnant mothers to check for a heartbeat before they could perform an abortion.

If a heartbeat were detected, the abortion would then be illegal to perform. 

South Carolina’s Governor Henry McMaster signed the bill into law earlier this year.

But it didn’t take long before U.S. District Court Judge Mary Geiger Lewis issued an injunction on the bill preventing South Carolina from enforcing any portion of the law they passed.

In response, Governor Henry McMaster and his lawyers went nuclear on the judicial system, arguing that it is intruding on South Carolina’s “legitimate sovereign interests in the form of unnecessary nullification of state law” and “oversteps the bounds of federal judicial power.”

U.S. News & World Report writes:

South Carolina’s governor wants a new abortion law to take effect, arguing Wednesday that a judge’s decision to put the whole measure — and not just the parts being challenged in court — on hold during a lawsuit “oversteps the bounds of federal judicial power.”

“This Court should not countenance such a judicial intrusion upon South Carolina’s legitimate sovereign interests in the form of an unnecessary nullification of state law,” attorneys for the state wrote. They argued that a section such as the requirement that an ultrasound be performed is “a standalone provision that survives any invalidation of another provision.”

McMaster, along with other defendants including state Attorney General Alan Wilson, also argue that the groups that sued don’t have proper standing to challenge the law.

“The right to life is the most precious of rights and the most fragile,” McMaster said in a statement Wednesday. “We must protect life at every opportunity, regardless of cost or inconvenience.”

While South Carolina could still end up winning the case and see the heartbeat law go into effect, the injunction is yet another example of the federal courts going completely out of their way to target conservative legislation for bans.

South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, and Missouri have all seen federal courts interfering with their state constitutionally passed legislation and outright banning the pro-life laws.

Henry McMaster and his lawyers clearly and concisely exposed the issue at hand here: judicial overreach.

Our checks and balances system doesn’t work if the judicial branch is allowed to just label anything as unconstitutional just because one judge doesn’t like the bill or place injunctions just because one political organization files for one.

It’s blatantly obvious that conservative legislation is being targeted by this judicial overreach.

But conservatives won’t put up with this for long.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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