A Republican Governor made Democrats’ heads explode when he considered one proposal

Ron DeSantis has given some GOP Governors a roadmap for how they can use their power.

Now other Governors have come up with creative ways to combat the Left.

And a Republican Governor made Democrats’ heads explode when he considered one proposal.

Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, a committed socialist, pledged to make the state capital “the most radical city on the planet.”

Instead, all his constituents got was a water crisis due to mismanagement.

And Governor Tate Reeves suggested the possibility of privatizing the water supply in the state in order to safeguard against such crises.

The Daily Wire reported that Reeves “is open to privatizing the water system for the City of Jackson following multiple water pumps failing last week after severe storms caused the Pearl River to flood, which increased the risk of bacterial contamination . . . Reeves’ comments come after officials announced that improvements have occurred since the governor said the prior week that the state would take ‘historic and unprecedented’ steps to intervene in the city’s water supply after reaching crisis levels.”

Reeves explained, “Privatization is on the table . . . Having a commission that oversees failed water systems as they have in many states is on the table — I’m open to ideas . . . Not only were there issues with the quality of the water, but with the quantity of the water . . . The city could not produce enough running water for Jacksonians.”

Poorly run public services are a hallmark of Democrat governance.

Waste, fraud, abuse, nepotism, cronyism, monopoly power, and ideological capture are why government bureaus tend to be far worse at managing problems than the public sector.

Jackson has been under a “boil water” for over a month, and there’s no telling when the drinking water will again be safe.

Reeves added, “We know that it is always possible that there will be more severe challenges . . . This water system broke over several years, and it would be inaccurate to claim it is totally solved in the matter of less than a week.”

The Daily Wire added that “Jackson’s water supply has faced multiple interruptions over the past several decades. Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a notice of noncompliance to city leadership for not ‘repairing and maintaining equipment necessary to reliably produce drinking water.’ The governor accused city officials of failing to notify federal and state governments of a plan to fix the water system’s issues and claimed the water plant staff abandoned the post where the failure happened.”

Needless to say, water management in Jackson has been a complete disaster, and Reeves proposed a solution that made Democrats shudder.

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