A Republican Governor devised a plan to fight back against “woke” indoctrination

    Radicals have revealed their chief agenda.

    They want to indoctrinate school children at an early age.

    And one Republican Governor devised a plan to fight back against “woke” indoctrination.

    When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, he was met with a torrent of criticism from the Left.

    But the reaction showed that DeSantis was over the target.

    The Left want free rein to indoctrinate kids, and they’re furious that they’re losing the battle on Critical Race Theory and gender queerness being taught in schools.

    And Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has a plan to fight back against the radical Left in his own state.

    Lee is teaming up with Hillsdale College, one of the few overtly right-leaning universities, to open charter schools.

    The Daily Wire reports:

    “Tennessee GOP Governor Bill Lee is fighting back against the rampant leftism purveyed in the educational community across the country by inviting famed conservative institution Hillsdale College — which refuses to accept state or federal funding, including student grants or loans — to start 50 charter schools in his state . . . Hillsdale’s classical education hearkens back to the time when respect for the Western philosophical tradition lay at the heart of collegiate education.”

    Charter schools give parents an alternative to failing government-run schools that are not educating their children.

    Because charter schools largely operate outside the control of the government education leviathan, they are vehemently opposed by the Left.

    All of their successes are minimized, and only the bad ones that operate as scams are ever covered by the media.

    Governor Lee said, “For decades, Hillsdale College has been the standard-bearer in quality curriculum and in the responsibility of preserving American liberty . . . I believe their efforts are a good fit for Tennessee . . . We want charter school operators in this state from all over the country . . . Any, high-quality charter school operator that wants to locate in this state we want them to consider that.”

    Like clockwork, The New York Times stepped in to slander the idea.

    The Times wrote that Hillsdale “is making new efforts to reach beyond its campus, this time with an even younger audience. The college is fighting what it calls ‘progressive’ and ‘leftist academics’ by expanding its footprint in the charter school world, pushing the boundaries on the use of taxpayer money for politically tinged education.”

    The great irony of that argument is that K-12 education is already fully immersed in left-wing thought.

    The Times admitted as much when it wrote that “Hillsdale has been criticized for its glossy spin on American history as well as its ideological tilt on topics like affirmative action. Educators and historians have also raised questions about other instruction at Hillsdale’s charter schools, citing their negative take on the New Deal and the Great Society and cursory presentation of global warming.”

    In other words, Hillsdale has right-wing opinions, which is problematic for the Left.

    The Times and other leftists try to accuse charter schools of “stealing” money from government schools, but that money does not belong to the schools.

    The funding follows the child.

    The Left can feel that their educational monopoly is slowly fracturing.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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