A report came out about small businesses that could spell doom for Joe Biden

Radical leftists pretend they are looking out for the little guy.

But their policies are slowly destroying the average American.

And you won’t believe this one report about small businesses.

Democrats like to say they are the champions of small business and the middle class.

All while they’re funded by billionaire socialists like George Soros and in bed with Big Tech to censor any opposition to their agenda.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were told that the economy would shut down for two weeks to “flatten the curve.”

Weeks turned into months, and months to over a year. 

Millions of small businesses were forced to shut down because of Dr. Fauci and his leftist cronies’ authoritarian orders – while big corporations were deemed “essential” and allowed to stay open.

And we are only now starting to see the true toll of Dr. Fauci’s power grab.

A report just came out from Opportunity Insights that shows the enormity of pain inflicted on small businesses.

Since January 2020, 39% of small businesses have closed their doors. 

The Daily Caller reports:

The data shows the professional and business services industry dealt with a 25% decrease in small businesses compared to January 2020. Around 33% of small businesses in the education and health services industry had to shut their doors. The retail and transportation industry lost 34% of small businesses.

The leisure and hospitality industry data showed the most substantial difference, with a decrease of 52.4%.

There is hope that “some of those closures are surely temporary,” said Jeff Michael, executive director of the Center for Business and Policy Research at the University of the Pacific in Stockton.

But with small businesses accounting for 44% of all economic activity in 2019, this is not a small development. 

And if it doesn’t turn around by the time 2022 rolls around Democrats and Joe Biden could be political “toast”.

And Democrats are more concerned with spending the American taxpayer into oblivion than helping the small businesses that keep the economy rolling. 

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