A radical fringe movement is gaining traction on the Left and more lockdowns could be around the corner

There was a core group of leftists and “Great Reset” activists who loved the COVID lockdowns.

And they would love nothing more than to find a new way to do it again.

Now a radical fringe movement is gaining traction on the Left and more lockdowns could be around the corner.

Adherents of the free-market system have always believed in growth.

Growth is what makes everything, and everyone, better.

At least, that has always been the case. 

The world, despite its many problems, is far better off today than it was even 50 years ago, all thanks to growth and innovation.

But now a fringe group of “degrowth” activists is starting to make some headway, even among some “woke” capitalists.

And the radical message from the “degrowth” movement is that growth actually hurts mankind, and the world in general. 

They believe growth is at best doing little to fix the world’s problems, and at worst ushering in the destruction of the planet and jeopardizing its very future.  

The “Degrowth” Movement has spent decades on the radical political fringes with its continual Chicken Little warnings that limitless growth needs to end. 

For most serious scientists, economists, and even environmentalists, the “Degrowth” Movement was a joke.

But now, after one round of lockdowns due to COVID, many on the Left are starting to take them seriously.

And that means climate lockdowns are next on the globalists’ radar. 

Remember all those stories from 2020 about how the planet was “healing” when we couldn’t travel or go outside due to COVID lockdowns?

Well now, after the pandemic gave these people an opening, and as the so-called “climate change crisis” started to fade from most rational people’s minds, the “Degrowth” Movement and their ideas are gaining steam. 

And with what looks like a coming global recession, the Degrowthers and globalist Great Reset crowd see an opportunity to impose their will on humanity.

Growth has been the one constant for centuries among economists and politicians of all stripes. 

It’s been the way to create jobs, increase prosperity, spur on innovation and improvement, and generate taxes for public services.

Growth has not only increased the world’s prosperity but has also reduced poverty and hunger.

But none of that matters to the world’s globalists who are hell-bent on imposing their radical anti-capitalist agenda on the world.

Even if it means the death of millions due to starvation, and lack of basic supplies like gas, wood, and other fuel for heating and transportation.

Some experts predict Europe could see the largest famine and death toll in its history this winter.

That doesn’t phase the Degrowthers at all. 

They see it as all part of the process.

And they are shockingly gaining traction in some important quarters.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently cited “degrowth” in a major report. 

The European Research Council just allocated some $10 million to explore “post-growth” policies. 

And the European Parliament will hold a “Beyond Growth” conference in the spring.

It should be pointed out that they aren’t holding the conference in the winter, when their policies could result in the deadliest European winter in recent history.

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