A piece of Biden family history was just uncovered that could absolutely destroy them

It’s been a rough few months for Joe Biden.

From the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal to skyrocketing inflation, his future is looking grim.

And now a piece of Biden family history was just uncovered that could absolutely destroy them.

Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to tank and his attempt to save face by handing down a vaccine mandate isn’t helping him.

But now Biden has a new problem on his hands.

Alexander Bannerman is a genealogist and Gary Boyd Roberts is a Presidential lineage expert.

Together Bannerman and Boyd co-authored an article in the American Ancestors laying out their findings in Joe Biden’s family tree.

It appears that Bannerman and Boyd uncovered two of Biden’s ancestors who were slave owners.

Bannerman did an interview with Politico where he spoke in more detail about their findings.

He pointed to Biden’s great-great-great-grandfather, Jesse Robinett, who enslaved two people in Allegany County, Maryland, in the 1800 census. Another 3rd-great-grandfather, Thomas Randle, enslaved a 14-year-old male in the 1st District of Baltimore County, Maryland, in 1850, he said, citing census records and slave schedules, which were separate headcounts of slaves conducted alongside the census in 1850 and 1860.

In 1860, census records show that Randle and his family had moved to Baltimore County’s 13th District, Bannerman said, and an 1860 slave schedule for the 13th District again shows Randle enslaving a single man. (The spelling of Randle varies in some records, as is common for that period, and the spelling of Robinette, which is Biden’s middle name, has changed over time).

These findings are sure to hurt Biden’s future, but the Left also has a way of protecting their own, so it’s possible the President skates away unscathed.

The radical Left is canceling American history by destroying monuments around the country that they claim are “triggering” because of slave ownership.

Well, if they are really that offended by a monument, they should be even more offended by a United States President with that history in his own family.

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