A Newsmax reporter said two words about Tucker Carlson that will have you seeing red

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson is the top-rated host on cable news.

The Left has been trying to get Carlson canceled for years.

But now a Newsmax reporter said two words about Tucker Carlson that will have you seeing red.

Democrats and far-Left radicals routinely attack Tucker Carlson and make false accusations against him in an effort to force advertisers to drop his show.

When a madman shot and killed 10 innocent people in a grocery store in Buffalo back in May, Chuck Schumer blamed Tucker Carlson and sent a letter to executives at Fox News Channel demanding they either take him off the air or censor what he says each night on his program.

And just recently, Joe Biden and the Democrats started demanding Fox News censor Tucker Carlson for allegedly spreading Russian propaganda about the war in Ukraine.

But it’s not just Joe Biden and the Democrats who are trying to force Tucker Carlson off the air.

One of the top hosts on Newsmax TV – which markets itself as a conservative alternative to Fox News – just joined Joe Biden and the Democrats in accusing Carlson of spreading Russian propaganda.

On his show The Balance, host Eric Bolling, who previously worked alongside Carlson at Fox News, openly accused Carlson of “supporting Vladimir Putin’s war efforts in Ukraine.”

“I’m going to give you a disclaimer, folks, before you come at me all over this, I am very worried about a world war, a nuclear World War III where nobody wins,” Bolling began. “So when I see a fellow conservative making statements that could incite a world war, a nuclear war – I have to call him out.”

Bolling then called out Tucker Carlson and levied a serious accusation against the Fox News host.

“Turns out Russia’s state media are using clips of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to support Vladimir Putin’s war efforts in Ukraine,” Bolling said. “Look at that right there,” he continued, before adding “that is Russian state media using Tucker Carlson, alleged American, as propaganda to make their case that Russia is the victim, not the aggressor.”

Bolling urged his viewers to contact Carlson and “tell him to stand down because, in all things, nuclear caution upfront is the best way to avoid total annihilation at the backside of these issues.”

Of course, this is not true.

“No sane American approves of what Russia has done in Ukraine,” Carlson previously told his viewers. “We certainly don’t and we don’t know anyone who does.”

Carlson opposes Congress handing Joe Biden blank checks made out for billions of dollars to fund his proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

He also believes Congress should be focused on solving America’s many problems, like the border crisis, inflation, and rising crime, instead of securing Ukraine’s border.

But when it comes to Democrats and RINOs, opposing war with Russia makes you a traitor and a Putin stooge.

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