A newly released report shows Google and Twitter employees are all-in for Democrats

The very clear censorship of conservatives over the last year or two leads most folks to believe that Big Tech is in the Democrat Party’s corner.

It’s hard to deny the connection, but until now there wasn’t anything that proved all of Big Tech’s employees love the Dems.

And a newly released report shows Google and Twitter employees are all-in for Democrats.

Right-wing voices continue to be silenced by social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Yet, the leftist-run platforms want the average user to believe it’s because these conservative figures violated some arbitrary “misinformation policy.”

The Left can try all they want to make it look like a “violation” but most people know better – Big Tech is a voice for the Democrat Party.

Never has it been more clear than in the recent campaign finance records that show Google and Twitter employees are flooding Democratic campaigns and committees with cash.

These campaign finance records show that the top donors from Google, which owns YouTube, pushed 94% of their total giving for 2022 to Democrats.

Even better, 99% of Twitter employees’ donations were sent to Democrat candidates.

That is an astounding number of Democrats in one company, and these aren’t small companies by any stretch of the imagination.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show that donors employed by Google who donated $2,000 or more for the upcoming midterm elections gave $652,600 to Democrats and measly $37,700 to Republicans.

It’s almost as if Big Tech is single-handedly funding the Democrat Party.

During the 2020 election cycle employees at Google’s parent company, Alphabet, contributed almost $22 million to Democrats, but only $1.4 million to Republicans.

It’s not just Google that loves the Left.

Data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics shows that on the federal level Democrats took home 98% of the donations made by employees of Twitter.

It’s no wonder the censorship of conservative voices is so rampant.

The Left wants to silence dissent and they’ve done an excellent job of taking over social media, which makes the task of censoring the Right much, much easier.

Twitter and YouTube are now banning factual medical information because they know if people find out what’s really going the Democrats are sure to lose control in 2022.

These are scary times and if Americans don’t start pushing back soon there’s no telling who else Big Tech will silence.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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