A new lawsuit proves just how corrupt Joe Biden’s EPA really is

The more that comes out about Joe Biden and his administration the more concerned the American people grow.

From his foreign policy missteps to the issues with his son Hunter, Joe Biden is shaping up to be a pretty bad President.

And now, a new lawsuit proves just how corrupt Joe Biden’s EPA really is.

A former Trump-era advisory member in a lawsuit filed Thursday alleges that the Biden administration’s “purge” of industry representatives from the EPA violates federal law.

In March of this year, EPA Administrator, Michael Regan removed more than 40 members from various advisory boards within the agency stating it was to rid the committees of industry influence and restore science-based advisers.

The suit, however, states that Regan stacked the advisory roles with like-minded scientists who are sympathetic to White House policies.

Jones Day law firm, who is handling the suit on behalf of Stanley Young, says that is just a step too far.

“The committees are now unfairly balanced – both in terms of points of view and the functions the committees are required to perform – because they lack a single member affiliated with regulated industries,” the suit read.

Young v. EPA states that in removing all industry-focused officials, EPA administrator Michael Regan has violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act or FACA.

FACA was enacted in 1972 to ensure advice provided by these committees is “objective” and that the public has access to the advice.

In the suit, it states that the two leading principles of FACA have been violated by the sweeping purge of regulated industry representatives.

The suit also stated that 47 officials have been appointed to the SBA and seven as CASAC members – but not a single member is affiliated with a regulated industry.

The lawsuit calls for all committee activity to come to a halt until a “balanced membership” can be put in place.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that Biden would have his EPA stacked with so-called “experts” who side with his policies because nothing has ever been about science with Joe Biden.

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