A major Democrat made one admission that that could be the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin

Over the past two months, Joe Biden’s supporters have completely turned on him – for good reason.

His complete lack of control of anything going on within his administration is embarrassing the office of the POTUS.

But now a major Democrat – the last person anyone ever expected – just admitted that Biden’s administration may already be the worst in American history.

Jimmy Carter is recognized by virtually everyone as one of the worst – if not the worst – President in U.S. History.

But he may have some competition from none other than Joe Biden, who has quickly fallen out of the graces of the American people.

In fact, top aide to Jimmy Carter during his disastrous one term – Les Francis – has come out to say on record that Biden’s administration is “reminiscent” of the Carter years.

Fox News reports:

“The guy can’t catch a break,” Francis told Politico on Wednesday. “It’s so reminiscent of reliving those times, where we had Mount St. Helens, we had Three Mile Island … we had the truckers rioting … Then we had the hostage crisis. We had the Soviets invade Afghanistan in December of 1979.”

Amid the fall of Afghanistan and other crises, critics, politicians and pundits alike have been comparing Biden’s time as president to Carter’s. Earlier this year, former President Trump mocked Biden as “worse” than Carter because he isn’t just mishandling crises, but has “created crisis after crisis.”

From the moment Joe Biden took office, basically everything went to hell in a handbasket.

Gas prices have skyrocketed, inflation on everyday goods are through the roof, the COVID-19 “pandemic” is apparently still not over despite Biden’s promises, and America has become a laughing stock with the way Biden fumbled the Afghanistan exit.

There’s no way of getting around the similarities between the Biden and Carter administrations.

Morale of the American people was at an all-time low under the Carter administration.

And despite the Fake News Media promising a “bright new future for America” under the Biden administration, the American people haven’t been so discouraged since the 1970s.

A part of being President is being a source of strength and pride for America.

And as much as the Democrats and the Washington, D.C. Swamp may not like to hear it, Donald Trump was exactly that.

The only positive in this comparison is that Jimmy Carter was obliterated in the 1980 election by the late, great Ronald Reagan.

Hopefully in 2024 a strong Republican candidate like Ron DeSantis or even Donald Trump will take back the White House and steer America back to brighter days.

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