A leading Republican just revealed one disturbing truth that left Joe Biden fuming

    There is a dark secret about Joe Biden’s rise to power.

    One major scandal was kept in the dark.

    And a leading Republican just revealed one disturbing truth that left Joe Biden fuming.

    The political establishment moved heaven and earth to carry Joe Biden’s feeble Presidential campaign over the finish line.

    The kitchen sink was thrown at Donald Trump to deny him a second term in the White House.

    One of the most outrageous examples of election interference in history was the cover up of the bombshell New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop from hell during the 2020 election.

    An FBI whistleblower came forward with the bombshell claim that FBI leadership delayed an investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 to avoid “interfering” in the Presidential election.

    Another bombshell dropped after Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the FBI warned the company about potential Russian misinformation spreading on social media, prompting the company to throttle the reach of the Hunter Biden laptop story on the platform.

    The Left did everything possible to shut down the scandalous story on Hunter Biden’s laptop to help tip the election to Joe.

    Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is one of the leaders in Congress in getting to the bottom of Hunter Biden’s corruption.

    In an appearance on Fox News, Senator Johnson made the explosive claim that Joe Biden wouldn’t be President if the Hunter Biden laptop story wasn’t shut down.

    “The Hunter Biden laptop was censored by Twitter, Facebook,” Johnson said. “And we’ve seen polls that show that had the American public known the corruption of the Biden family and Hunter Biden, Joe Biden would not be President.”

    Johnson slammed the FBI for sitting on Hunter Biden’s laptop after acquiring it in 2019.

    “Democratic governance wouldn’t have happened but for the FBI’s politicization, their partisanship and their suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop,” Johnson explained. “Again, they had it in December 2019 and did nothing with it.”

    Donald Trump’s Presidency exposed FBI leadership for being in the tank for Democratic Party.

    Johnson said that the FBI’s warning to Mark Zuckerberg was a continuation of a growing problem in the agency.

    “It’s another piece of the puzzle of the politicization of these principal agencies,” said Johnson. “The weaponization of federal agencies began under the Obama administration with Lois Lerner weaponizing the IRS against Obama’s political opponents; and the partisanship, the politicization just continued. Let’s say the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, the editing of James Comey’s exoneration e-mail.”

    The collusion between Big Tech, Democrats, and the FBI to silence the Hunter Biden laptop story is another disturbing chapter in the effort to carry Joe Biden victory in 2020.

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