A leading Republican gave Joe Biden a devastating reality check over this infuriating betrayal

Joe Biden is putting America last with his radical agenda.

Now one green scheme is delivering a punch in the gut to Americans.

And a leading Republican gave Joe Biden a devastating reality check over this infuriating betrayal.

President Joe Biden is all in on trying to end the use of fossil fuels and force a “great transition” to green energy.

The growth of green energy will take a massive amount of minerals to produce things like the batteries for electric vehicles for solar panels.

Despite a wealth of mineral resources in the U.S., Biden is looking overseas to provide them for his green energy plans.

The Biden regime is looking at funding mineral mining efforts abroad that would supply the necessary resources to produce green energy sources.

Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth Energy and the Environment, Jose Fernandez told Axios that the regime is mulling over federal funding for “around a dozen” mining and mineral projects overseas.

Fernandez said “we’re going to need an exponential amount of rare earths and critical minerals, above what we have today” and the funding is the best way to do it.

While Biden is trying to claim that green energy is essential to the country’s future, he’s put the clamps on American mining that could supply the resources needed for it.

The Environmental Protection Agency blocked a massive mining project in Alaska that would have extracted copper and other minerals that could be used to produce solar panels because it could have harmed the native fish population.

The regime canceled or stalled planned mining projects in Arizona and Minnesota on alleged environmental concerns.

Biden wants a green energy revolution but he doesn’t want American workers and resources to supply it.

Instead, he’s putting the energy supply in the hands of foreign countries that have worse environmental records than the U.S.

Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN) represents the mining-heavy district in Northern Minnesota where a major mining project was canceled.

Stauber, the top Republican on the Natural Resources Energy and Mineral Subcommittee, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he wants to hold the regime accountable for its attack on American mining.

“Joe Biden continues to put foreign jobs over American jobs,” Stauber said. “This activist Administration is pushing an energy transition, which requires minerals.”

The electric vehicle industry is already struggling with mineral shortages for producing batteries.

Biden wants half of all cars sold by 2030 to be zero emission vehicles. 

“We have an abundance in the United States, including in the Duluth Complex in my district which alone contains 95% of America’s nickel, 88% of our cobalt, and more than a third of our copper,” Stauber continued. “For political reasons, the Biden Administration won’t allow domestic mining.”

Environmental regulations and a difficult permitting process under Biden are crushing the American mining industry. 

“On behalf of the American worker, I will hold this Administration accountable,” Stauber said.

Joe Biden’s war on American energy production is dropping the hammer on blue-collar workers he claims to care about. 

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