A leading Democrat is trying to cancel Tucker Carlson for this terrifying reason

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Tucker Carlson is the host of the top-rated show on cable news.

The Left wants to silence him.

Now a leading Democrat is trying to cancel Carlson for this terrifying reason.

Fox News is one of the few conservative outlets in a media that’s dominated by the Left.

Democrats are constantly trying to scheme up ways to try and limit the reach of the top-rated cable news network.

They want to shut down any perspective in the media that deviates from the left-wing orthodoxy. 

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) suggested the federal government use its power to keep American soldiers from watching Fox News.

MSNBC host Katie Phang was hyperventilating about the lawsuit against Fox News by Dominion voting systems over the 2020 election.

“I’m worried a lot about Americans, and the disinformation and misinformation that was pumped out of Fox News,” Phang said.

She asked Swalwell if the lawsuit was grounds for the federal government to step in and drop the hammer on Fox.

“Have there been any discussions in Congress about congressional oversight, regulations, and the FCC getting involved? Phang asked. “I know we all respect the First Amendment, Congressman, but should there be some type of gatekeeping that happens so that this doesn’t happen again?”

Swalwell made the Orwellian suggestion that the government should ban the troops from watching Fox News.

“I think about our troops,” Swalwell said. “I’ve visited our troops in some of the harshest places, and nothing makes them feel more like home than their access, you know, to American television programming and a popular channel is Fox News.”

Even Swalwell is willing to reluctantly admit that Fox News is popular.

“I don’t want to get into the business of telling troops what they can and cannot watch, but if you have a news station that a court is going to rule is, in its evening hour, you know, perpetuating dis- and misinformation, I don’t know if I disagree with VoteVets who is saying we need to take a look at how this is being broadcast to our troops,” Swalwell claimed.

Swalwell referred to a left-wing veteran’s group, VoteVets, that’s pushing to have Fox News banned from the cable systems on military bases.

“And I hope that’s an incentive for Fox News to clean up its evening hour, you know, starting with Tucker Carlson and going on later, in the evening with Laura Ingraham,” Swalwell continued. “I don’t think we’re without complete recourse.”

The California Democrat subtly threatened Fox to “clean up” top-rated shows hosted by Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham if they don’t fall in line with the Democrat narrative.

Fox News is the top-rated cable news network that crushes its liberal competitors in the ratings and that’s a big problem for Democrats.

They know they can’t win the argument so they’ve turned to trying to use authoritarian tactics to silence their critics.

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