A judge just made this heartbreaking ruling that many on the Left are cheering

Democrats are lashing after a string of political losses.

They had become accustomed to winning forever.

But a judge just made this heartbreaking ruling that many on the Left are cheering.

Democrats have been on the attack ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson decision.

The issue of abortion was returned to the individual states, and the Democrats went ballistic.

The so-called “defenders of democracy” don’t want individual states to set their own laws.

Now a federal judge struck down an Arizona law that granted “personhood” to an unborn baby.

Breitbart reported that “the 2021 law that required the state to interpret all laws as granting civil rights to unborn children was blocked by U.S. District Court Judge Douglas Rayes — an appointee of former President Barack Obama — as he believed the term ‘personhood’ was too vague…Arizona laws ‘shall be interpreted and construed to acknowledge, on behalf of an unborn child at every stage of development, all rights, privileges and immunities available to other persons, citizens and residents of this state,’ the measure states, in addition to barring women from getting abortions due to the race, sex, or genetic abnormality of the baby. The 2021 law was previously blocked in part by a U.S. District Court for its provision banning abortions for children with survivable genetic abnormalities.”

Fundamentally, Democrats believe that babies in the womb are nothing more than clumps of cells.

If they acknowledge that an unborn baby is actually deserving of personhood, the entire pro-abortion narrative falls apart.

Judge Rayes said, “A law is unconstitutionally vague if its application is so unclear that people of ordinary intelligence cannot figure out in advance how to comply with it.”

Rayes and other Democrats feared that the personhood designation could lead to abortion being charged as a homicide.

Rayes added, “When the punitive and regulatory weight of the entire Arizona code is involved, plaintiffs should not have to guess at whether their conduct is on the right or the wrong side of the law.”

However, Arizona Solicitor General Kate Sawyer said that the personhood law could not be used as a basis for charging abortionists.

The Democrats have become incredibly ghoulish on the issue of abortion.

They long ago abandoned “safe, legal, and rare” for a strident, enthusiastically pro-abortion message.

Some radical leftists don’t even believe that personhood is conferred until a child is two or three years old.

They have completely left the reservation.

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